Type: sanatorium
ul.1OO anniversary Morshyn,4
150m. to the pump room
The type of food: Buffet
Suitable for children
Convenient location
To find contacts
TOTALTreatmentThe rules of payment and settlement

General information about the sanatorium "Cheremosh":

It has everything you need to rest – majestic forests with mushrooms and berries, cozy glade covered with flowers, clean rivers and lakes.
Sanatorium "Cheremosh" is located in the park area of ​​the resort. has 7 buildings. designed for 336 places.
In cases №6 and №7, has its facilities improved nutrition. Guests rest in other cases, eat in the dining room of the sanatorium "Dniester".
sanatoriums “Dniester”, “Cheremosh” and “Pearl Of The Carpathians” They are located adjacent to each other.


Single economy 13m + q – queen-size bed, shower
Single standard square 13m – queen-size bed, shower
Double economy 16m + q – two single beds, shower
Double standard square 16m- two single beds, shower
Two economy 32m + q – two single beds, sofa, shower
Two standard square 32m – two single beds, sofa, shower / tub
All rooms have: television, refrigerator, balcony.


For the rest of the sanatorium “Cheremosh” It offered 3 meals a day buffet in the dining room resort Dniester.

Promotions and discounts in a sanatorium in Morshyn CHEREMOSH

The cost of nursery vouchers when placed on the main site:

from one-room economy 4-11 years – 475 USD., 11-18 years – 590 UAH.
one-room standard, enhanced by 4-11 years – 570 USD., 11-18 years – 695 UAH.
number dvuhk. standard. standard suite, Superior Suite from 4-11 years – 610 USD., 11-18 years – 765 UAH.
Survey and part of medical procedures vacationers get in the diagnostic center. There are therapeutic and diagnostic rooms, equipped with modern instruments and equipment: urological, proktolohycheskyy, Functional diagnostics, psychotherapy, reflexology, fibrogastroscopy, X-ray, manipulation, physiotherapy, UZD, PH-metrii; offices: dental, Prosthetics, massaging, aerophytotherapy; Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory. therapeutic baths, mud, ozokerite, intestinal irrigation vacationers take to the general resort balneary.
There opened specialized department for treating diabetic patients. Experienced doctors-endocrinologists.

Indications for treatment:
– diabetes 1 type (insulin-dependent) average gravity compensation step
– diabetes mellitus type II (insulin-independent) mild form or moderate in compensation stage – Patients with impaired glucose tolerance and dysmetabolic syndrome.
1. diabetes in step decompensation – high blood sugar;
– frequent hypoglycemic condition or state giperglikimicheskie;
– ketoacidosis .
2. severe diabetes complications: diabeticheskayana stop, tyazhelaya nephropathy
3. all common contraindications for treatment at the spa.

If You need help in choosing a location and calculating the value, additional information on medical databases, rooms take advantage of the free advice the Manager on the phone +380968287336, or the form on the home page.

Processing of applications is active all day.
Even if we are off-line, write – we will contact You soon.

Bilateral GUARANTEE of Your arrival and provision of the booked room is the EXCHANGE FORM of the PERMIT and AGREEMENT.


Within two days after receiving the invoice, in any branch of the commercial Bank make full or partial payment. Give the cashier the account the money, instead, get a receipt.
After the funds are credited to the account of the company, You will receive a voucher by email. The form must be presented upon arrival to the resort or hotel.
In the case, if You are unable to get a ticket to an electronic or Fax copy, the original form is transmitted to reception area and awaiting your arrival.
If You have pre-paid (not less than 20%), after settling in the resort or hotel you must pay, according to the received account. The fee can easily be performed in the nearest branch of the Bank.

Payment is accepted in UAH, rubles, US dollars, Euro, – any convenient for You currency.

Pereutochnyayte information over the phone, We do not have time to update the site quickly!

Prices in the period: 01.02.18 – 01.04.19

FOODPRICE per night 1 people. in USD.PRICE per night 2 people. in USD.DOMESTO 4 - 18 yearsDOMESTO c 18 years
One bedroom
standard +
Two room suite
INCLUDED: accommodation, three meals a day, basic treatment

To book or to pick up something else:

    *plus or minus 3 day

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    16 years ago

    According to the union can go without thinking, but not for their money. mobile communication coverage is very weak. UMC is very bad catches. Sanatorium we did not like, all very Soviet, promise to do major repairs but the next year, at the moment I can not recommend.

    Where you come in Morshyn?
    3 years ago

    I rested in August with a child in the case number 5 weather let us down from 3 weeks of the day 4 it was warm rain FIHM permanent short, on the voucher, staff and doctors all right, Enjoy all the rest!!!!!!!!!

    Leonid A
    4 years ago

    He returned from Morshyn fresh and rested. water. mode and just positive emotions spent there three weeks to regain strength and health. With specific regard to “Cheremosha” – I am satisfied. And living conditions, and the ratio of staff. and power. Curative package tour. so the special luxury of not claimed. Double room. regular cleaning. no rudeness and neglect. The doctor listened carefully all. I wanted to get out of the procedures. all appointed. quite disinterestedly. A week later, I asked for additional procedures – and I got them. By passing tests. Survey and unnecessary procedures, I refused. those procedures. that the doctor considered me contraindicated. able to get. agreeing on the spot. for… READ the full review »

    6 years ago

    Was in “CHEREMOSH” in March-April. In principle, the area tidy, non-normal (standard).Tours take for your money.
    The food is good, the employee is also good in the dining room, girls umnichki, no claims to them. excursions super, nature stunned. renovated baths, everywhere in the main renovation. water, true, really helps. But, can, come, take Rop (sold) buy Rop in Google and just drink it and again – cheap and practical, and no one has to pay.
    We were satisfied by nature, but prices bite.

    13 years ago

    18 days Cheremosh rested my mom. impressions weight. Staff super. Power shikarnre. Tours in Pochaiv (Lavra), Lions, by manastыryam, lock, cavern, Coast (a hot water swimming pool), the mountains, evenings (live music, rich table) etc. The resort at the level of cultural program. evening dance. Concerts 2-3 times a week (Pesnyary, Fristailo dr.) , tickets from 30 to 80hr. In my completely acceptable price. True first 4 days lived in the old building, claim to rooms (nutri Savkova ala 80). Then he moved to a new building. there repair, heat, acceptable conditions, television (Watch vseravno once). Edte, rest, ozdaravlivaytes.

    9 years ago

    I'm going to go to San. Cheremosh, I see that as, assessed itself, ticket already paid – no turning back.

    Valeriya Azo
    9 years ago

    Proshu proshenie za angliyskiy shrift,no ya dumau eto ne problema,dlja tex who replaced ponjat ',shto ya xochu skaza't zdes'.Tol'ko shto priexala iz Morshina,sovsem ne xotelos’ uezgat’ :(.Ya otdixala i proxodila lechenie v ”Cheremosh” 21 the’ i pover'te luchshego otdixa dlja dushi i tela ya ne znau.I dage uexav git’ v druguu stranu ya prilogu vse usiliya,shto bi vernut'sja tuda!Voda lechit bez medikamentov… ne chudo li eto?Esli vi ne mogete oboytis’ bez vodki i suxoy kolbasi,to problema v vas :)))))).Udachi vsem tem kto ponimaet,shto takoe nastoyashiy otdix!!! Kstati bronirovali zdes na, mi iz Germany

    Where you come in Morshyn?
    15 years ago

    He rested in January 2007. all very much. The rooms are modern, comfortable, normal diet (fruit, juices, yogurt – everyday). Everything was great, next year we'll go all the family and only Cheremosh

    5 years ago

    Were in “CHEREMOSH” December. My impressions are positive. Call ahead to a sanatorium (for 2 weeks)and booked a 1-bed suite with a large bed. For the second person in the room underpaid. Room super (not “shovels”), in the housing №7: decent TV, modern refrigerator, modern (!) wooden furniture, even the kettle with the dishes. Bathroom is also quite decent, disinfected every day Domestos. Rooms are cleaned every day too. Deity food, maximum fat-free, all without zazharki, I would say normal. first, unusually, and after the sanatorium – and the house is nothing greasy and fried does not want to. many procedures. The only problem, that almost all of them in a separate building spas. Near the dining room a large selection… READ the full review »