Baths in Morshin – It is a powerful therapeutic and rehabilitation center, the level of which corresponds to modern European standards. During the day, released here more 4000 a variety of treatments using modern equipment for hydrotherapy, ozocerite, mud, physiotherapy.

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Price (updated in 2019)

#proceduresname med.protseduryPrice in UAH.
1bathroom mineral (Chloride-natrievaya)65
2bathroom mineral (Hvoynati)80
3Bathroom mineral-pearl80
4bathroom carbonic80
5Bathroom mineral bishofit80
6Bathroom mineral iodine-bromine100
7Bathroom mineral sulfuric125
8Bathroom mineral dermatological95
9Bathroom mineral peloidobishofitova90
10Bathroom mineral valeric80
11Bathroom mineral rosemary85
12power shower65
13rising douche45
14Shower tserkulyarnyy50
15Underwater shower massage85
16Whirlpool clear35
17gynecological irrigation45
18Ginekologicheskoe sprintsevanie40
19Ginekologicheskoe yodobromnыe sprintsevaniya50
20Intestinal irrigation (on the couch)70
21Scuba intestinal irrigation(bath)85
22Colon hydrotherapy150
23cleansing enema22
24Microclyster oil-ointment (vegetable oil, Vishnevsky ointment), with Collargol55
25Microclyster with a decoction of herbs35
26ozokeritotherapy large (4 formation.)85
27ozokeritotherapy average (2-3 Sq.)80
28Ozekerytolykuvannya had (1 Sq.)-
29Termoaplitskatsiya with mud-
30electrophoresis dirt, Amplipuls dirt55
31Electrophoresis with silt mud65
32Mud rectal swab45
33Rectal swab with silt mud55
34Vaginal swab with silt mud80
35Application of silt mud + vaginal swab with mul.gryaz120
36Magnetic vaginalynaya45
40diadynamic therapy35
42DMV - therapy (AP.romashka)40
43Electrophoresis of drugs45
44Laser therapy point45
45Laser therapy for a total of the throat20
46Laser scanning laser60
47magnet (Alimpi)50
48magnet (magician)35
50Milimetrovohvilyova therapy45
52SMV - therapy40
53Ultrasound therapy for ENT35
56UFO space25
57aerosol therapy27
58Galoterapiya (speleoterapiya)40
59Inhalation with lech.rast35
60Singlentno-oxygen therapy classical35
61Singlentno-oxygen phytotherapy40
62aerophytotherapy (aromatherapy)25
63Phyto-tea decoction10
64Internal receiving Jodis-K3
65Oksigenofitoterapija (penka)17
67physical therapy35
68Nordic walking30
70manual massage (30 min)75
71massage relaksatsyny (hardware)45
72Sigmoidoscopy (inspection + 2 enema)150
73consultation praktologa130
74Consultation doctor-physiotherapist130
75Injection of carbon dioxide165
76Bath (dry, carbonated)75
77Consultation with a physician reflexologist130
79Mineral water drinking treatment24
80Mineral water rinse the throat20
81A set of diagnostic and treatment services (kursovkam) 170