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1 – The correct choice of the sanatorium in Morshyn

Medical profile

All resorts Morshyn provide treatment on the profile of our resort – treatment of kidney diseases, gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. The rest of each resort also specializes in the treatment of other diseases, so be sure to read the information on the contribution of treatment at the resort page. Morshin has diverse chemical composition of mineral waters. For chronic diseases of the stomach, bowel, pancreas successfully applied mineral water source № 1 and borehole № 6 a sulfate-chloride, Magnesium-natrievыm, and chloride-sulphate, potassium-magnesium-sodium ion content. When concomitant kidney and urinary tract, and is also used when brackish metabolic disorders water source № 4. The complex of therapeutic measures are assigned to patients mineral, coniferous, pearl and other medical microclysters, mud- and ozokeritotherapy, physiotherapy, inhalations and other procedures. biochemical, immunological and bacteriological examinations are carried out on the basis of sanatorium "Dniester", advice of doctors subspecialties - in general resort treatment and diagnostic center.

Dining at the sanatorium

A balanced diet food systems together with 3-one-time intake of mineral water (strictly on prescription) – is the key to successful treatment and improving your health, and-being. In Morshyn offer diet food and a customized menu, and in the new, modern resorts and hotels also have meals in “Buffet”. In Morshyn, there are plenty of bars, Cafe, canteens, where you can buy a separate power supply.


In sanatoriums (boarding houses,hotels) Morshyn there are different categories of rooms – from inexpensive studios economists to comfortable apartments. rest comfort level depends on your wallet and wishes. In the mid-range spas have the opportunity to book rooms on the shares,.

Vacation with children

Most resorts Morshyn has the necessary infrastructure for families with children – Playground Equipment and children's rooms, where you can leave your child with other children under the supervision of the teacher, but by this time undergo medical procedures. (Cheremosh, Pearl P, Dniester)

sanatorium infrastructure – SPA и Wi-Fi

The pool and the Villa sayuna motto in Morshyn

The villa is located between the bus station and the Railways. station. Nearby is the well-room and balneary. There is a gazebo where you can sit, relax and some fresh air, sauna / sauna with a swimming pool and BBQ.

Free internet Wi-Fi is no surprise. In Morshyn, free internet – this is normal. Almost all spas and hotels online free, also the center of Morshyn is covered with free wireless WIFI. In Morshyn high coverage of mobile 3G and 4G networks. Also, some resorts have swimming pools and a large modern spa with children's sections, where you can relax and have fun. Special attention is given the existence of its well-room mineral water – to not go anywhere. Your well-room is in the sanatorium “Morshynska”, “Bogdan”, “Kiev +”.

Learn more about this hotel video

Distance to the pump room mineral water

It is also very important to consider the location of the resort or hotel to the well-room mineral water.

If you have problems with locomotory, the Distance to the pump room will be critical – 3 times a day you have to go and drink mineral water, which are prescribed by a doctor. For the convenience of the visitors are 1 pump room Minvod:

In 5 minute walk to the pump room Mineral waters are: motels “Dniester”, “Cheremosh”, “Lavender”, “Pearl”.

In the pump-room mineral water sources have:

Source No. 1
– is chloride-sulphate potassium-sodium-magnesium water. Effective treatment of the digestive system, gastric – intestinal tract; Strengthening bile, seseganaga and overall health effect; The excretion of radionuclides, toxins, carcinogens and nitrates; Improves metabolism, immune and nervous system. Medical advice - chronic gastritis with low and normal secretion and acidity of gastric juice; – with liver disease, gallbladder and biliary tract; – when the disease of the colon; ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum.

Source No. 6
– is chloride-sulphate potassium-sodium-magnesium water. Effective treatment of the digestive system, gastric – intestinal tract; Strengthening bile, seseganaga and overall health effect; The excretion of radionuclides, toxins, carcinogens and nitrates; Improves metabolism, immune and nervous system. Medical advice - for gastritis; ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum with preserved and increased acidity; – with liver disease, gallbladder and biliary tract; – in diseases of the colon with a tendency to constipation.

Source No. 4
- a bicarbonate-calcium water. A source of natural table water "Morshinska". The spring water is suitable for daily use to everyone. Medical advice - in the treatment of uric acid diathesis, urolithiasis.

2 – Order vouchers and reservations

Order a ticket to a sanatorium Morshyn or book a hotel room, you can:

  • just call the cell phone number: +38 (066) 521 24 24 (водафон), +38 (093) 558 24 24 (layftsel), +38 (097) 658 24 24 (киевстар), or write us an e-mail in a free form to our address: info@morshyn.net
  • You can also write to our manager in chat – support to your left on the site, or viber, whatsapp, telegram etc..
  • After your reservation and coordination of all details with the manager you will receive an invoice – by email or fax. To confirm your booking will have to pay part or all of the expense. Payment can be made in any preferred currency. For citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus billed in rubles and can pay any bank.bill paying, You will receive a booking confirmation documentary

    Prepaid expense – this 100% guarantee you of having the order numbers in sanatoriums and hotels Morshyn, especially in the high season. The remaining amount you can pay on arrival already.

    4 – How best to get to Morshyn?

    By bus

    There is a shuttle bus Lions – Morshyn, which departs from the square in front of the main train / train station in Lviv. The path is about 1,5 o'clock. There are also direct buses from Chisinau, Kiev, Khmelnitsky, Kovel, Smooth, Ternopil, Coloma, Chernivtsi and Kamianets-Podilskyi.

    by air

    The nearest international airport in g. Lions. You can fly to Kiev flights, Kharkov, Odessa, Simferopol, as well as the Baku – Lions and Istanbul – Lions. From Moscow- fly flight number 793 company Yuteyr – Moscow (Vnukovo) – Lions (Sknilov). Later – 110 km by bus to the main train / railway station in Lviv.

    By car

    • From Kiev – go along the road Kyiv – Chop via Lviv to Stryj, then right on Morshyn
    • from Russia – better to go through Kiev and further along the route Kyiv – Chop
    • From Belarus to Go through Kiev – although longer, but the road is in good condition
    • from Moldova – go through Chernovtsy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Morshyn

    5 – Passport control: Do I need a visa to Ukraine?

    entrance of regime in Ukraine

    • citizens European Union – visa-free entrance of
    • citizens Russia, Belarus and Moldova – the entrance of national passports
    • citizens Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia – on foreign passports without a visa
    • citizens Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan – on foreign passports without a visa
    • citizens Turkmenistan – entry to the Ukraine on foreign passports and visas available

    A full list of countries and the rules

    Documents for children up to 18 years

    • birth certificate with a liner on citizenship (or passport)
    • notarized power of attorney from parents (in that case, when they travel unaccompanied by parents, or someone from the family)
    • certificate of epidemokruzhenii and privyvkah (done in the clinic in the community)

    6 – Sanatorium card: Do you need and where to get?

    It is best to arrange sanatorium card in clinic in the community, because it will be given your illness and diagnoses. This in turn will help doctors in Morshyn more accurately diagnose your body and assign the necessary treatments for the most effective treatment. If you do not have time to design outpatient's card – no problem, the physician will make her already in a sanatorium, but you take the time to analysis the change.

    Be sure to bring your medical records on children!

    7 – We collect items and take a good mood!

    • We take things and good mood, look what Weather in Morshyn and going to rest
    • Do not forget to tell us how you arrive)))


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LOOK 1979
5 years ago

bus-tickets that cost Lions – Morshyn ?

Anna And.
5 years ago

Good evening! How to book a sanatorium “Dniester” ?

Where you come in Morshyn?
5 years ago

Which resort is located near the pump room? What is the central street, and most located near the center?

Where you come in Morshyn?
5 years ago

Hello! Tell me how much worth a visit well-room?

Where you come in Morshyn?
8 years ago

Tell me how much a taxi to Lviv from Morshyn?

Reply to Vasiliy
8 years ago

about the area 500 + -, every taxi driver different rates

8 years ago

Thanks , information is very useful , 1st day while in Morshyn it really helped us , had read the article before , may have planned their holidays better , but next year is sure to come to Morshyn again !)

9 years ago

How best to get to you from Kyiv?stretch marks or lions?