Photo Gallery Morshyn / Morshin photos | Rest with treatment in sanatoriums of Morshin
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Gallery of the resort Morshin❤️ 2021.

Photo by Morshyn

Archival photos of Morshin are also here

An architect's view of the Morshin resort in the middle of the 20th century (PHOTO)

Attractions of the resort Morshin. Photo Pump room, central park, of nature Morshin. Large database of photos of the Morshin resort on the web. Photo collection updates on our website ( yearly, always up-to-date photos of Morshin. The latest photos of Morshin can be seen on our Facebook page (, there is also a section on the site with shooting by Morshin from a quadcopter (aerial photography) and section with video.

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1 month ago

come to the wrinkles for the weekend to walk and drink some water, very beautiful town

Where you come in Morshyn?
2 years ago

add photos of nature Park and more

Where you come in Morshyn?
3 years ago

A huge thank you ! managers for assistance in booking and settlement in rank. Dniester in Morshyn ! Thanks
with 15.05.18 by 1.06.18

Where you come in Morshyn?
7 years ago

liked photos,Add more!