The film 11 children from Morshyn

Name tapes: "11 children from Morshyn"

country, year: Ukraine, 2018

Genre: comedy, Adventure

actors: Ada Rogovtseva, Vladimir Goryansky, Garik Korogodskiy, Alexander Skichko, Sergey Babkin, Olga Freymut

Premiere in Ukraine: 03.01.2019

Box office in Ukraine, USD.: 5 852 841


According to legend Morshyn It was founded on the site of a meteorite, which is rich in rare metal - osmium. In an effort to earn easy money, manageress SEC Snezana solves all costs to seize valuable object. But on her way there 11 children from Morshyn, are united in a single unit, come into confrontation with injustice.

Interesting facts about the film "11 children from Morshyn":

- In 2018 year kinoraboty "11 children from Morshyn" won the first contest ribbons patriotic Ukrainian Ministry of Culture.

- According to producer, the idea of ​​an adventure film "11 children from Morshyn" It appeared quite spontaneously - It contributed to this story about a meteorite Morshinska.

- Work on the film lasted for more than a year.


Sergey Babkin - 11 children from Morshyn (Official video clip) / OST "11DZM"

11 children from Morshyn | The whole movie on Youtube | HD

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