Treatment of the resort Morshyn (Indication and contraindications) | Rest with treatment in sanatoriums of Morshin
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Indications for treatment at the resort Morshyn:

liver disease - residual symptoms after viral hepatitis jaundice period, in the inactive phase or the decay phase of activity. Chronic hepatitis of different etiology, residual effects after toxic-chemical liver lesions in the inactive phase, minor abnormalities in liver function tests, in General satisfactory condition .

Functional diseases of the biliary tract and gall bladder - biliary dyskinesia gallbladder, spasm of the sphincter of Oddi.

Diseases of the biliary tract - cholecystitis, cholangitis different etiologies, no inclination to frequent exacerbations, no apparent jaundice and normal POPS.

Cholelithiasis - calculous cholecystitis except forms, complications of the infection and frequent exacerbations, as well as after surgery on the biliary tract is not earlier than 3-4 months after surgery.

Chronic recurrent pancreatitis no inclination to frequent exacerbations, abdominal adhesions.

Bowel disease - chronic colitis and enterocolitis, of various etiologies, mild and moderate, in addition to constrictive, tuberculosis, ulcerative, bacterial and parasitic forms, non-acute.

Functional bowel disorders - intestinal dyskinesia with the phenomenon of intestinal stasis or non-acute diarrhea.

Functional indigestion with secretion violation, motor activity.

Diseases of the stomach - chronic gastritis with a secret failure, preserved and increased secretion, non-acute, gastroduodenitis with violation of secret and of motor function of the stomach.

Diseases of the operated stomach - on the gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers with the presence of dumping- and hypoglycemic syndrome mild and moderate, asthenic syndrome, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis enterocolitis, colitis not earlier than two months after the operation, when fledgling postoperative scar and satisfactory General condition.

Peptic ulcer, duodenum - in remission, incomplete remission or fading exacerbation, without motor insufficiency of the stomach, tendency to bleeding, penetration and suspicion of the possibility of malignant transformation.

Diseases of the esophagus - reflux esophagitis pain, dyspeptic, and mixed forms disfagichesky, mild and moderate, non-acute.

Metabolic diseases - diabetes, mochyekislyye diatyezy, obesity, etc.. Side disease - ostrohondrozy, gynecological disease, diseases of the genitourinary system ( in t. h. sexual dysfunction) men, locomotor system, neuroses, as well as the rehabilitation of victims of the Chernobyl accident.

Perigastrity, periduodenity, peryhepatytы, periholetsistity, perikolity - developing on the basis of chronic inflammation of tubercular origin, after operations and injuries of the abdominal cavity, except forms, Complicated purulent processes, and forms in the inflammatory phase of an exacerbation.

Contraindications, excluding line treatment at the resort Morshyn:

Cicatricial narrowing of the esophagus, pylorus and intestines with a permeability violation; stricture of the common bile duct and gall bladder duct;

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in acute phase, and ulcer complications subcompensated stenosis, rebleeding, taking place last 8-10 months, ulcer penetration;

gastritis rigid, antral, and watered the stomach, hypertrophic gastritis ;

Complications from surgery on the stomach (unhealed postoperative scar, fistulas, afferent syndrome) ;

Enterokolit with severe malnutrition, exhaustion;

chronic dysentery, Ulcerative colitis, chronic colitis with extensive ulcerative or erosive processes in the rectum and sigmoid, identified at rectoscopy, as well as bleeding hemorrhoids, intestinal polyposis;

Frequent and severe attacks of gallstone disease and indication of active infection (elevated temperature, neyrofilez et al.);

Prolonged form of viral hepatitis in an active phase;


All forms of jaundice.

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