Privacy Policy

The website (hereinafter "Site") takes care of the confidentiality of your data and is responsible for collecting, processing and use of user data.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to user data and information., which are collected by us through the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Data”). Data, which we collect, are not personal or identifiable, because. do not allow identification of a natural or legal person. By using this Site, You accept the rules, described in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use this Site. We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any time.. Any changes will be enforced by the statement in the new edition of this Policy. We recommend that you regularly read this Policy, to be aware of any changes and possible use of your information.

Data and information, that are collected using the Site

To Data, who are going, analyzed and processed by our website, relate:

  1. Name, email address and telephone, which you use for communication
  2. Device info, which you use to visit our site, and your IP- address.
Use of Information

We collect data in order to:

  • provide account access, and to information, which is not publicly available;
  • ensure safety and prevent fraud;
  • better understand your needs and interests;
  • improve content, site functionality and usability;
  • improve our marketing and promotional activities;
  • personalize the use of the Site;
  • provide you with information and messages regarding your use of our site;
  • other goals, noted in the current Policy or other agreements with you.
Information disclosure

The site does not rent, does not sell or share your Data with other people and companies, except cases, when we have the appropriate permission from you.

Modification and Deletion of Data

The user can change at any time (refresh, supplement) Data provided to them or part thereof, using a user account, as well as require the Site to completely delete its account and Data associated with it. The Site Administration is obliged to delete the User Data within 5 days from the receipt of the deletion request, duly executed. If there is no deletion request, The site stores User Data indefinitely.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Policy or our privacy practices, we would appreciate, if you send us a request or message. Contact Details, privacy policy related:

Terms of use

Terms of Use

1. General Provisions

1.1. Site "» (hereinafter - Site) Is a website for comparing prices for package tours in the resort of Morshin. The site collects current prices in real time from open sources. The site does not sell tours or vouchers to Morshin - our partners do it.
1.2. The site provides users with the opportunity to search for trips to Morshin at the lowest prices, as well as place applications for the purchase of tickets from our partners.

2. Rules of user behavior on the Site

User rights:
2.1. The user has the right to receive operational information about the availability of permits, cost of, proposed for implementation.
2.2. The user has the right to access any materials, which are posted on the Site.
User must:
2.3. Take no action, which will lead to disruption of the Site.

3. Rules for the Site Administration

3.1. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information., namely, cost of, services included, hotel description, as well as any other information, which the user receives on the Site.
3.2. The Site Administration is not responsible for the fulfillment of their duties by advertisers, who post their ads on the Site.
3.3. The administration has the right to refuse to register a new user without explanation of reasons, including whose account, previously removed for violation of the terms of this agreement, block or delete user account.
3.4. The administration has the right to bring information about services to users, provided by third parties, including via email, placing banners on the pages of the Site, links, and in any other way.

4. Responsibility

4.1. Any loss, which the User may incur in the event of willful or reckless violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as due to the interaction of the User with other partners of the Site (advertisers-travel agencies, tour operators, providing information about tours, which appear in the search results on the Site ), The site administration is not reimbursed.
4.2. The site administration is not responsible for:

4.2.1. Delays or failures during the operation, caused by force majeure, as well as any case of malfunction in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
4.2.2. Proper functioning of the Site, when, if the User does not have the necessary technical means to use it, and also has no obligation to provide users with such means.
5. Violation of the terms of the user agreement

5.1. The site administration has the right to disclose the information collected about the User of this Site., if disclosure is necessary in connection with an investigation or complaint regarding misuse of the Site, either to establish (identification) User, which may violate or interfere with the operation of the site or violate the rights of other Users of the Site.
5.2. The Site Administration has the right to disclose information about the User in order to comply with applicable law or court decisions, ensuring compliance with the terms of this Agreement, protecting the rights or safety of other Users.
5.3. The site administration has the right to disclose information about the User, if the current legislation of Ukraine requires or permits such disclosure.
5.4. The site administration has the right to terminate and (or) block access to the Site, if the User has violated this Agreement or the terms of use of the Site contained in other documents, as well as in the event of termination of the Site or due to a technical problem or problem.
5.5. The site administration is not responsible to the User or third parties for the termination of access to the Site in the event of violation by the User of any provision of this Agreement or other document, containing the terms of use of the Site.

6. Dispute Resolution

6.1. In the event of any disagreement or dispute between the Parties to this Agreement, a prerequisite before going to court is to file a claim (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute).
6.2. Recipient of the claim within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt, notifies the applicant of the claim in writing about the results of the consideration of the claim.
6.3. If it is impossible to resolve the dispute on a voluntary basis, any of the Parties has the right to apply to the court to protect their rights, which are provided to them by the current legislation of Ukraine.

7. Additional terms

7.1. The site administration does not accept counter offers from the User regarding changes to this User Agreement.