Morshyn water

Source No. 1

Chloride, sulphate, sodium-potassium-magnesium water №1 Source has a high therapeutic effect in diseases of digestive organs (chronic gastritis, colitis, pankreato, gipatobiliarnoy system diseases), which are accompanied by a low content of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

Mineral water source №1:

• reduces inflammation in the digestive tract
• enhances the secretion of hours of hard, increases the acidity and digestive juice effect
• stimulates evacuation function of the stomach
• a positive effect on the absorption process, that it is necessary in the treatment of patients with the syndrome poslereziktsionnom, intestinal diseases with symptoms of malabsorption
• hot slows the motor function of the intestine, prevents fermentation and decay processes in the colon, It prevents the absorption of pathological decay products
• displays the body of radionuclides, enhances bile production and secretion, prevents stagnation of bile in the gallbladder, eliminating one of the causes of gallstone formation.

As a result of treatment with mineral water source №1 increased oxidative processes, that regulates the metabolism of fat alimentary, neurogenic and endocrine origin.

Source No. 6:

Magnesium sulfate-potassium-sodium therapeutic mineral water Source № 6 It differs from the water source № 1 high content of potassium and magnesium sulfates, relatively low content of sodium chloride. vodyIonny therapeutic composition of mineral water source № 6 It has a pronounced positive effect on the functional state of the stomach, liver, biliary, pancreas, bowel.

Mineral water source №6

• contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the stomach, pancreas, the gut, liver, gallbladder, normalizes secretory and acid-forming function of the stomach
• stimulates bile production and bile secretion, reduces bile lithogenicity (the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder and biliary tract)
• protein-normalize, carbohydrate antitoxic function of the liver.

Under the influence of therapeutic source №6 increased arterial inflow and outflow of blood from the liver, reduced pressure in the pulmonary artery. Growth hepatic circulation intensity reduces tissue hypoxia of liver cells, what improves their function. The presence of water in the potassium and magnesium ions favorable effect on water-electrolyte metabolism, acid-base balance in the human body, on the metabolism of the heart muscle, It provides the required amount of magnesium, which contributes to the normalization of colon biocenosis due to an increase in its content of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, reducing the number of conditional pathogenic microflora, naturally reduces the toxicity and plays an important role in the life of the organism.

mineral water source №6 Treatment It leads to the normalization of metabolism - effect on cholesterol, B lipoproteidov, reduce blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance in diabetic patients, increase oxidative processes, and as a result - weight loss in obese people.

The efficiency of mineral waters Morshin resort in patients after surgery on organs gastroduodenal, particularly when dumping syndrome, syndrome drive loop, agastralynoy astenii, gastritis, stomach etc. cult. Under their influence is amplified and parietal activity of cellular enzymes, improves absorption, decrease inflammation in the gastroduodenal region, increasing the concentration of gastrin, secretin, that have a trophic effect.

Order brine No. 6 Morshinskaya with delivery by New mail (press)

Mineral water №1 and №6 sources referred to radioblokatoram - contain elements of K, Na, Mg, that compete with radionuclides of cesium and promote the rapid clearance from the body. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect, increase in fluid volume in the cavity of the mineral water sources contribute to intestinal lavage intestinal wall, removal of bacterial toxins, radionuclides, unoxidized metabolic products, normalize indicators and acid-secretory function of the stomach.

"Mother of God" the source №4

Medicinal properties of mineral water №4 based on regular crystal structure and features of its chemical composition of microbial physiological action: nizkaya mineralization, weak radioactivity, high organic carbon content, nitrogen, specific microflora, impact on energy metabolism, body water distribution, exchange of sodium and potassium ions, on the partial processes in the kidneys.

Mineral water source №4:

• normalizing effect on renal function
• alkaluretic, salt leaching and discharge of small stones, It reduces the risk of stone formation and prevents urine lithogenicity
• removes radionuclides
• stimulating the flow of oxidative processes in the liver tissue
• a diuretic, antispasmodic, analgesic effect
• relieves the inflammatory process in the kidneys, urinary tract
• improves the glomerular filtration, tubular secretion and reabsorption in the kidney
• in combination with mud rectal swabs and ozocerite baths removes venous stasis in the pelvis
• promotes the resorption of inflammatory infiltrates
• stimulating effect on motor function of smooth muscle

There therapeutic efficacy mineral water source №4 in urolithiasis , chronic pyelonephritis, mochyekislom diatyezye.

After special studies domestic and foreign scientists have found, that the mineral water from this source has the same properties, as devoted to Jordan, therefore - it has a tremendous healing power.

The best therapeutic effect can feel it in the complex treatment, which combines internal reception mineral water (potatory mode, intestinal irrigation, hydrotherapy) and outside of its application (gidrolazeroterapiya, mineral baths).

Medicinal properties of Morshyn mineral sources were observed at the end of 19 century.
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