🌳Air quality in Morshyn in real time

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What it is?

These are air quality data, in real time

We obtain air quality data from our own network of air purity meters, which is directly in the resort Morshyn. Data is received in real time. Devices monitor the concentration of fine dust – PM 2,5 and PM 10, as well as temperature and humidity. Fine dust can provoke cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

When the concentration of these particles is high, do not open windows and walk down the street, especially with children. (Morshyn has very clean air, when compared with other regions of Ukraine)

What can you see on the graph?

PM 1, PM 2,5, PM 10 Very small slices. Among the sources – vehicles, industry, fire.

Humidity. Helps to more accurately determine air quality, and also signals, when is it worth taking an umbrella.

Precise air temperature, since the sensors are directly installed in Morshin. We also offer see the exact weather in Morshyn by months and years.

Air quality data on the AQI scale

AQI – air quality index, developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and used in many countries around the world. The greater the value AQI, the higher the level of air pollution.

The project was implemented thanks to the team LUN city

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