The brochures, which went before the First World War, Morshin compared with the most popular European resorts, called it “Galician Spa” and “Galician Carlsbad”. On the healing properties of water Morshynska wrote many researchers in those years, equating it with the waters then known German, Hungarian and Czech spas. Morshinska water is exported to the US, England, Italy, Romania and other countries.

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Morshyn is located in the Lviv region. It is separated from the city 90 km, and from Ivano-Frankivsk 100 kilometers. Attract the numerous guests Morshyn mineral water and nature. Learn how to get the car in Morshyn, bus or train ←

The first mention of Morshyn dated 1482 year. Then the Carpathian lands were part of Polish Kingdom. For a long time it was mined natural salt, however, in the beginning of the XVIII century, the owners of salt springs, counts Branicki scored the fishery. Later 1876 year 39000 PLN the village was bought by a merchant Boniface shtiller. How Morshyn resort was opened in may 1878 year. Stiller was discovered a few new sources. After that, mineral springs Morshyn become the subject of research scientists-chemists.

Much water has flowed since then. Modern Morshyn - gastroenterology is a large resort with the developed infrastructure of sanatoriums, pensions, hotels and private clinics. A recently installed, the structure of the natural Morshynska water identical to the structure of "Holy water" - the same, we take the Church to the eve of Epiphany. Not in vain for the healing water people go to Marshini z different parts of the world. Water from the springs Morshyn helps in the treatment of diseases, related to urogenital system, bowel, the pancreas, kidney.

Honored Doctor of Ukraine Storozhenko NA. and Professor Seredyuk NM. We showed a high therapeutic efficacy in Morshyn water for chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

The complex treatment includes bathing in the healing waters, inhalation, physiotherapy. The Resort Morshyn, apart from restoring physical health, a positive effect on the emotional state of tourists.

The resort is surrounded by pine trees, and warm summer and autumn weather are perfect for picking berries, swimming in the lake, aerogeliotherapy.

The resort is many resorts, hotels.
Resort “Lavender”, located in the center Morshyn, specializiruetsya on the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, problems with the liver and biliary tracts. Sanatorium “Cheremosh” located in a forested area and covers a large area. The resort has created a comfortable environment for family health: there are several rehabilitation departments, as well as the Department of "Mother and child".
Specialization sanatorium “Dniester” is the treatment of liver diseases. The sanatorium is located in a forested area, near the center and the Palace of culture. On the basis of The “Dniester” working center, specializing in the treatment of liver diseases. “Pearl of the Carpathians” in Morshyn - sanatorium, also located in the Park area in Morshyn near “Cheremosh”, The “Dniester”. There are several sleeping buildings. Most quiet area to relax.

Sanatorium “Kiev Plus” is 2 km from Morshyn. Guests should not worry about the remoteness of the resort from the resort centre. In “Kiev Plus” there is everything necessary for rest: medical base, mineral water pump room, comfortable rooms, infrastructure. From the resort to the center every 15 min bus ride. The advantage of this sanatorium - quality and reasonable price.
"Bogdan" - this hotel, designed in a modern style, located near the train station and supermarket "Mitten" in Morshyn, has its own pump room of mineral waters. The hotel was built a few years ago. The hotel 36 single and double rooms.

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Why choose the resort Morshyn in 2023 for rest and treatment?


Clinical, biochemical, cytological, immunological


No emissions and plants within a radius of 30 km

Do not have to take

Modern equipment

Large selection of medical procedures.




Experienced health professionals of various types

2 step to rest in Morshyn:

Morshyn will fit You even if You have no health problems, because prevention, clean air and connecting with nature never hurt anybody. First of all - this find out is there any train or bus tickets from your city to Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. Select sanatorium, the hotel or the private sector on our website, find out if there is free space for the chosen dates and to book by phone: +38(063)19-19-252 +38(096)828-73-36 (Viber,Whatsapp) +38(066)528-24-24 (Telegram) or Processing of applications is active all day. Even if we are not online, write - we will contact You soon. Bilateral GUARANTEE of Your arrival and provision of the booked room is the EXCHANGE FORM of the PERMIT and AGREEMENT. Within two days after receiving the invoice, in any branch of the commercial Bank make full or partial payment. Once funds are credited to the account, You will receive a voucher by email. The form must be presented upon arrival to the resort or hotel. In the case, if You are unable to get a ticket to an electronic or Fax copy, the original form is transmitted to reception area and awaiting your arrival. If You have pre-paid (not less than 20%), after settling in the resort or hotel you must pay, according to the received account. Payment is accepted in UAH, rubles, US dollars, Euro, - any convenient for You currency.
Be prepared to rest in Morshyn, take all necessary. We recommend you to take: comfortable shoes, warm clothes umbrella (just in case), personal medical records (not necessarily). On arrival to Lviv, recommend at the bus station to hop on a direct bus route "Lviv-Morshin". From Lviv you get to Morshyn for 1,5 h. Come in Morshyn on the street. Shevchenko (important for apartments and the private sector, and apartments "Dream"), or get off at the railway station ("Lavender," Dniester "," Pearl Of The Carpathians "," Cheremosh "," Bogdan "other"), or get off at the final bus station in Morshyn (important for Villa "Motto", "Orion", "Arcadia", sanatorium "Morshynska" and so on.)

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