Why pool in Morshyn – the best choice on the way to health?

water 8 times denser than air. In water, our body is in a state of weightlessness; no stress on the joints and bones, Unlike other sports, there is even a full body workout.

During training in the pool Morshyn body tempered, going training vessels, normal blood pressure, strengthening the deep muscles of the back and press, which it is very important for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Metabolism is accelerated by 50-75%, because the difference between the body temperature and the aqueous medium activates metabolic processes. Regular classes in Morshyn pool will make your body flexible, hardy and strong, breath calm, a clear idea.

Doctors recommend swimming lessons not only for the prevention of diseases, but in the complex treatment of the following diseases:

  1. In the treatment of neuroses (expand information)
    Water regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition of the central nervous system, fatigue, relaxes and soothes, establishes blood flow to the brain.
  2. Treatment of joints and osteochondrosis (expand information)
    In the water, the man does not feel his own body weight, so it's the only sport, which is indicated for the treatment of diseases of joints and osteoarthritis. Swimming relieves muscle spasm, improves lymph drainage, It reduces swelling of joints and promotes tissue regeneration.
  3. intervertebral hernia (expand information)
    another diagnosis, wherein the sail can reduce pain.
  4. When paralysis and in the prevention of stroke (expand information)
    When paralysis and partial loss of movement of swimming becomes almost the only possible form of physical activity. Efficacy studies in water proof and in the prevention of stroke, after swimming contributes to the normalization of vascular tone and pressure
  5. recovery of the body (expand information)
    Swimming is part of a complex of measures in rehabilitation after injuries and recovery of the body. The return of muscle tone, strengthening the muscle and skeleton navkolohrebtsevogo, Consequently, reduction in pain allow the person to gradually increase activity.
  6. Excess weight (expand information)
    Obesity and overweight have an additional burden in the classroom on the land. In the water, there is a simultaneous workout of all muscles, but, due to the effect of weightlessness, does not suffer from the spine and joints. Also stabilizes blood pressure, improves blood circulation
  7. Prevention of cardiovascular system (expand information)
    Swimming helps in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension, vascular dystonia, atherosclerotic vascular disease.
  8. Prevention of the respiratory system (expand information)
    While swimming in the basin Morshyn going training and massage Respiratory System, increases its functional performance and resistance of the body. Therefore, this sport is recommended for bronchitis and asthma
  9. Prevention for varicose (expand information)
    Prevent varicose veins to engage in many sports, especially strength training. However, in water vein relax, normalizes blood circulation, and the horizontal position of the body contributes to the outflow of blood from the legs, decrease them additional load.
  10. Treatment of spinal diseases, correct posture (expand information)
    Swimming pool in Morshyn develops coordination, It strengthens muscular system and reduces the load on the spine. Therapeutic swimming in Morshyn one of the most effective methods of treatment of postural defects and diseases of the back.

Ranking Pools in Morshyn and prices:

“Holy Charbel” – a new large hotel complex with swimming pools and saunas. Top medical specialists, quality service and the latest medical technology. The complex is located in the center of Morshyn resort near hotel “Bogdan”.

The complex has a large SPA-center

Carpathian bath in Morshyn (expand information)
Temperature: 60-70 degrees Humidity: 30-45% residence time: 7-15 min. Comfortable relaxation thanks to the mild, moist heat, accompanied by a delicate flavor. Effect: relaxing and soothing.
Russian bath in Morshyn (expand information)
Temperature: 65-90 degrees Humidity: 25-35% residence time: 7-20 min. Intensive guy ancient traditions
Effect: relaxing, deep cleansing, positive effect on the body and nervous system..
Steam Bath in Morshyn (expand information)
Temperature: 45 degrees Humidity: 100% residence time: 15-20 min. The guy at comfortable temperatures
Indoor and outdoor pool (expand information)
large swimming pool: (20 m of 6 m) depth 1,35 – 1,55 m; Outdoor Swimming pool: (6 m of 3 m).

SPA-center of St Charbel provides an individual approach and a number of additional services, designed specifically for your comfort!

complex address “Holy Charbel” in Morshyn: ul.Vokzalnaya, 6 (open the map). Contacts establishments Facebook

Pension Odessa in Morshyn It is located in the center of the park area near the Cheremosh, Dniester and Pearl Of The Carpathians. There is 1 an indoor pool. The opportunity to visit with other resorts Morshyn.

Dimensions pool (expand information)
dimensions – 14 / 4m. A swimming pool year-round, so you can enjoy the rest and improve your health with the help of medicinal mineral waters, when you want, at any time of the year.

Address complex pension “Odessa” in Morshyn: ul.50-years of UPA, 7A (open the map). Contacts establishments Facebook

A sauna with a small swimming pool in a villa Motto. Hotels in Morshyn, You and your friends can relax and fully enjoy your vacation from the daily bustle. Bath is designed for a group of 5 person.

Sauna and swimming pool Motto (expand information)
You will feel all the beauty of this bath with wood. Aromatic steam room and a swimming pool in which you can plunge after steaming - a heavenly pleasure. We have everything you need for a comfortable stay in the bath (slippers, towels, tea included in the price)

Apartment complex Address “Motto” in Morshyn: ul.Privokzalnaya, 53B (open the map). Phones: +38 096 877 197 0 or +38 096 877 184 2

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2 years ago

Dream – it is a modern hotel complex in the Central part of the resort Morshyn. The school has a good location, as it is located on the main street of Ivan Franko in Morshyn.
Dream Apartament offers visit SPA zone
recreational and health complex "Saint Charbel" for exclusive
price 360 UAH day.
Details here: http://dream-apartament.com/spa/

Where you come in Morshyn?
We in Morshyn street. Ivan Franko
2 years ago

very cool, comfortable and large pool in Charbel, our family recommends, you will not regret

Where you come in Morshyn?
2 years ago

Thank you, very useful article, it helped us in choosing housing + basin

Where you come in Morshyn?