Villa Motto, former name Zatishok villa in Morshyn | Rest with treatment in sanatoriums of Morshin
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Villa Motto (former name “Cosiness”) – this is a small private hotel, which is located near the pump room and the water-mud bath in the resort of Morshin.

Природная минеральная вода resort Morshin исцеляет недуги и возвращает здоровье и радость людям. In terms of the quality and effectiveness of treatment, Morshin is not inferior to the famous international resorts of Karlovy Vary, Wiesbaden, Essentuki, Железноводск и др. → Learn more about the properties of Morshyn water

Villa Motto is the center of the Morshin resort. На территории расположены беседки в которых можно посидеть, relax and some fresh air, and BBQ. Комфортабельные номера отеля provided with a full set of household items ↓ The hotel heating system, cold and hot water around the clock WI-FI по всей территории отеля, а также free parking для посетителей и гостей отеля. More на территории находится сауна с бассейном.

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