Morshyn, children from well-room | Rest with treatment in sanatoriums of Morshin

Morshyn, children from well-room

"SCOPE" - This socio-cultural project, which focuses on all groups. The main idea of ​​the project "SCOPE" to involve all sections of the population in social life. "SCOPE" means a cultural and social space within society, which blurs the boundaries or helps the interaction between the various hierarchical groups. For some, it is a vital material assistance, for others it is the interchange of goods, services, information, etc.. Third upper strata of society an opportunity to make a donation or sponsorship to show how ancient way of social interaction. Developments, which is planned to take place on the site, are multifaceted. The first is a favorable environment for creativity, the emergence of new projects, environment for active solutions to social problems. The first action, pursued by "Sphere" is a photo exhibition of portraits of children with special needs "Implementation of the dream". The main objective of the exhibition to promote the integration of children and draw the attention of society not only to the problems of these children but also to show the immensity of their capabilities and talents.

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