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In Morshyn, established modern sculpture

In Morshyn opened lynx head sculpture. All order, to draw attention to the problem of the extinction of this animal. After all, according to preliminary estimates, lynxes less five hundred individuals left in Ukraine. And the reason for this - consequences of careless human economic activity. During the opening of the monument to animal rights activists told, what should be done for the salvation of the Eurasian lynx.

Sculpture lynx, which we established in Morshyn spa park, It called "Reflection". Work on the project lasted two years. The same amount will have to wait, until lynx completely covered with rust - to become red. This is one of the intentions of the author.

"I imagine this beautiful image, as the lynx drinking water and sees the reflection. How many more Carpathian lynx will see reflected in the source water, if a person is not engaged in its preservation ", - Peter explains his plan Gronskiy, author sculpture.

So now the main task of the sights of Modern Art - attract attention. After all, most of Europe cat endangered. Only in the last few years the population of lynx declined several times.


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