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Morshyn remains a safe place to rest

Coronavirus was diagnosed in 13 389 residents of the Lviv region. For the last day (25.08.2020) no new cases were found in eight districts and seven cities of regional significance. Про це Львівському порталу повідомили в обласному лабораторному центрі. Коронавірус на Львівщині підхопили 13 389 people. During the last day the laboratories did 564 PCR tests, of which were positive 136, that is 24% from the general …

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Official weakening of quarantine in Morshyn

At an extraordinary meeting of the regional commission, they decided to partially relax quarantine restrictions in the Lviv region. This is stated “Ukrainian truth” with reference to LODA. With 07.07.2020 hotels will be allowed, catering establishments, physical education and sports, gyms and fitness centers subject to anti-epidemic measures and relevant recommendations of the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine. As of …

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Quarantine in Morshyn 2020 (video)

Morshin during quarantine 2020. Video posted: 9.06.2020 Music Video from Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound” Subscribe to https channel://… [email protected] / mail for communication / # traveler_ notes # morshin # morshin_view Channel, I am sharing useful information, taken from travels around the world.

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Forest therapy in Morshyn. Forest treatment

Morshin resort is famous not only for healing waters, but also beautiful nature. There is the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay and treatment, combined with walks in the forested area. The essence of the method is to get rid of stress by walking in the fresh air.. It may seem like pseudoscience, invented by lovers hug trees, but now there is more evidence in favor …

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Information about coronavirus and Morshyn

Important! (UPD: 18.03.2020) In Morshyn, not a single case of the disease coronavirus infection. Morshyn one of the most suitable places, where you can ride out any epidemic. In Morshyn sanatoriums of health resort there were only Ukrainians. Arrivals of foreign groups canceled before the completion of the quarantine. All the resorts and hotels Morshyn adhere to the required sanitary and hygienic rules. Regular disinfection of mass gathering places …

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MOVIE REVIEW – sanatorium “The Marble Palace”

The best known and most respectable Morshyn sanatorium was built in 1935-1938 Nikodimovich years by the engineer and is designed to 180 places. To finish the housing were used 11 marble varieties. This high-class resort, one of the best in Morshyn. The sanatorium has all the necessary diagnostic and medical equipment, its vodohryazelechebnytsu, mineral water pump room.

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In Morshyn, established modern sculpture

In Morshyn opened lynx head sculpture. All order, to draw attention to the problem of the extinction of this animal. After all, according to preliminary estimates, lynxes less five hundred individuals left in Ukraine. And the reason for this – consequences of careless human economic activity. During the opening of the monument to animal rights activists told, what should be done for the salvation of the Eurasian lynx. Sculpture lynx, you installed …

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Sanatorium Marble Palace and Morshyn 90 years ago

Recreational house (Now Marble Palace in Morshyn), built in 1935-1938 gg. Under the project Lviv architect Mariana Nikodemovicha. The opening of the spa house took place in July 1938 during the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Morshyn. He took part in the opening, in particular, US Ambassador to Poland, Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Jr., largely because the construction of the object was accomplished by American capital. it …

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Morshyn, children from well-room

"SCOPE" – This socio-cultural project, which focuses on all groups. The main idea of ​​the project "SCOPE" to involve all sections of the population in social life. "SCOPE" means a cultural and social space within society, which blurs the boundaries or helps the interaction between the various hierarchical groups. For some, it is a vital material assistance, for others it is the interchange of goods, services, information …

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