🌳Air quality in Morshyn in real time

Open statistics in a new window What is it? These are air quality data, in real time Air quality data is obtained from our own network of air purity meters, which is directly located in the resort of Morshin. Data is received in real time. Devices monitor the concentration of fine dust – PM 2,5 and PM 10, as well as temperature …

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Sanatorium “Arkadiya” – Morshyn

Type of institution: Sanatorium✔️ The type of food: Diet✔️ The distance to the pump room: 10 m✔️ Address: ul. Lzherelna, 3✔️ Room reservation in Morshyn : KYIVSTAR +38 (096) 828 73 36

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The boarding house “Odessa” (There is a swimming pool!) – Morshyn

The boarding house “Odessa” located in the centre of Morshin, in 5 minutes ' walk from Central Park. It offers a modern complex with a large swimming pool and its own mineral water pump room. The cosy rooms of the Guesthouse are equipped with private bathrooms, refrigerators and satellite TV, balconies. The guestrooms are decorated with environmentally friendly materials, forged furniture and parquet made of natural wood. By …

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