Forest therapy in Morshyn. Forest treatment

Morshin resort is famous not only for healing waters, but also beautiful nature. There is the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay and treatment, combined with walks in the forested area. The essence of the method is to get rid of stress by walking in the fresh air.. It may seem like pseudoscience, invented by lovers hug trees, but now there is more evidence in favor …

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Information about coronavirus and Morshyn

Important! (UPD: 18.03.2020) In Morshyn, not a single case of the disease coronavirus infection. Morshyn one of the most suitable places, where you can ride out any epidemic. In Morshyn sanatoriums of health resort there were only Ukrainians. Arrivals of foreign groups canceled before the completion of the quarantine. All the resorts and hotels Morshyn adhere to the required sanitary and hygienic rules. Regular disinfection of mass gathering places …

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Morshyn in 1960-1970-ies on the interesting photos

Today we want to introduce readers to the retro photos resort Morshyn, which date from 1960-1970-ies. They can see the sanatorium, accommodation and holiday makers themselves, who came to Lviv region, to improve their health. In 1878 year in Morshyn began the first official medical season. there opened “Facility for the treatment of thoracic diseases ". From this beginning the history of the world …

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In Morshyn, medical tourism forum held

In Lviv yesterday, 6 August, Medical Tourism Forum launched, which will last three days. Forum began with study visits to medical and health institutions g. city, after which the participants will enjoy an orientation tour in g. Morshyn and Truskavets. This was reported by the Lviv Regional Administration presssluzhba. Forum program also provided for the International Medical Tourism Conference, resorts and recreation, as well as communication …

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Tesla Model S. Kiev – Morshyn

Real power reserve Tesla Model S (Tesla S85). Kiev – Morshyn. Evaluate the optimal speed for a given route, the number of required gas stations (zaryadok) on the road. What is the effect of acceleration on the estimated range. Order diamond cutting and drilling of concrete +380952729419 Order installation of chemical anchors Hilti +380957288546 Viber, WhatsApp 0503665647

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House for rent in Morshyn ul.Privokzalnaya

Rooms for rent in a house on the street Railway Station (map and location) in Morshyn rent ! clean rooms, all serviceable, completely staffed. This is a private one-storey house with his court. The street is very quiet and picturesque, to Canteen 10 minutes walk , Bogdan hotel near. Parking under the house. Rooms in the house bright, quality plumbing, in the kitchen all the necessary …

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villa Morshyn

villas Morshyn

In two dozen modernistic villas were built during the interwar twenty years in Morshyn for wealthy vacationers. Built with the latest architectural fashion peep – constructionism + blotches German Bauhaus school, data villas were symbols of luxury and comfort for visitors to the resort. However, most of them did not survive the horrors of the Second World. A photo 1 – villas “Gražina” (bombed in …

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Review of the sanatorium morshinsky

BOOK MORSHYN SANATORIUM A SANATORIUM🐥 ( promised to write, write t. to many ask) It just so happened that 5 years ago, I finally made it to the resort Morshyn, because it was just so very bad- put himself into the work😰Could no longer eat anything really, only sour or sharp, that would in any way appetite to Wake😑 And …

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Sanatorium “Arkadiya” – Morshyn

  "Arcadia" Sanatorium – Morshyn Type of Facility: Sanatorium Power Type: Dietary distance to the pump room: 10 m Address: ul. Lzherelna, 3 Phones: 38 (063) 19 19 252 38 (096) 828 73 36 38 (095) 789 0 222 [email protected] Reservations sanatorium "Arcadia" - g. Morshyn : LIFE:) +38 (063) 19 19 252 MTS +38 …

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