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Sanatoriums Morshyn, which are already open or will open soon!

Morshin resort has long attracted not only domestic, but also foreign tourists. The reason for this is mineral springs., whose healing potential has been proven by many studies, as well as high quality services and relatively affordable vacation prices.

In which sanatorium Morshin можно забронировать отдых сегодня и начать проецес лечения и отдыха на fresh air?

Such will open soon health resorts in Morshyn:

Also, want to note, that the mineral water pump room in Morshyn is already operating normally.

Despite financial depletion during quarantine and a vague picture of the near future, Ukrainians understand, what to catch up, to build wealth is possible, but only on condition of good health. therefore, despite all the difficulties and trials, which cooked 2020 year, maintaining well-being through outdoor recreation remains a priority.

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2 months ago

Good evening! И когда можно бронировать отдых?

Where you come in Morshyn?