COVID-19 recovery program launched in Morshyn

Many people, who were hard to bear COVID-19, cannot recover their strength at home on their own, get rid of complications, which provoked the coronavirus or its treatment. In some, cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary complications, others have problems with the digestive tract, with high sugar and the like. And many do not manage to get rid of them on their own..

In some sanatoriums of Truskavets, Morshyn and Skhidnytsia have developed special programs for the rehabilitation and strengthening of the immune system, in which they help to restore strength, return to the usual rhythm of life after coronavirus.

Lviv resident Mikhail Sidorovich was the first to talk about such a rehabilitation system., which is now undergoing a recovery treatment in Morshyn. According to him, many have various complications after coronavirus, but most of them don't know, that there are special programs in sanatoriums, which will help to recover.

“I learned about it myself by accident, a doctor I know told me. I had a hard time coronavirus, lay in the hospital. After that, how I was discharged home, had a lot of health problems. And I'm very glad, that I was advised to go to sanatorium Morshin, because here doctors take into account all the nuances, comprehensive approach to patient treatment. In motels there are patients from different regions of Ukraine, but I have not met from Lviv. Maybe they, as I, do not know about such rehabilitation ", – says Mikhail Sidorovich.

cost of tours to Morshin, depends on the ward, which person will choose. There are standard rooms, they are cheaper, but there are luxury wards, they are more expensive. One day of stay in a sanatorium with three meals a day costs from 600 to 1400 UAH.

The price of the voucher in the Morshyn sanatorium also includes the use of mineral water, bath, surveys (ECG of the heart, Abdominal ultrasound, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, etc.), physiotherapy, belly massage, laboratory research (General analysis of blood, urine, etc.), consultations of narrow specialists.

To get to the sanatorium, no need to have a referral from a doctor. Directly in Morshyn sanatoriums there are doctors, who diagnose and determine, what should be the specificity and duration of rehabilitation. Also it is necessary to have a negative coronavirus test, the test, if necessary, can be done on the spot in the relevant institutions.

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