Official weakening of quarantine in Morshyn

At an extraordinary meeting of the regional commission, they decided to partially relax quarantine restrictions in the Lviv region. This is stated “Ukrainian truth” with reference to LODA.

With 07.07.2020 hotels will be allowed, catering establishments, physical education and sports, gyms and fitness centers subject to anti-epidemic measures and relevant recommendations of the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine.

As of 6 July, Lviv region ceased to be a region with widespread COVID-19. The detection rate for COVID-19 infections is 10,92%, at a rate of less 11%. COVID-19 infection growth rate is – 28,03%, at a rate of less 10%.

Bed capacity in health facilities, for hospitalized patients with a confirmed case, COVID-19 is 43,04% of the total, at a rate of less 50%.

The average number of tests by polymerase chain reaction and enzyme immunoassay over the past seven days is 108,66 on 100 000 of the population, at a rate of more than 24. This allows quarantine weakening to begin..

Дополнительно сообщаем, что по информации Стрыйского районного отдела за весь период эпидемии в Моршине зарегистрировали 6 случаев коронавирусной инфекции среди жителей города, на сегодня ни одного больного COVID-19 нет.

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3 years ago

Finally, you can go to your favorite resort Morshin

Where you come in Morshyn?