In January, the Morshin resort works as usual

In January, the state enterprise "Sanatorium" Morshinkurort "works according to the usual schedule, without violation of quarantine requirements – the site reports about it ЛОДА / LODA

"Strengthening quarantine measures, which is planned to be introduced in Ukraine in January, will not apply to health resorts and traffic restrictions, – noted Yuri Kholod Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration. – I propose to hold the announced lockdown at the health resorts of the Lviv region. By purchasing a ticket, you will do yourself well, and also support the health resort industry in our region ".

According to Nikolay Furmanyuk, deputy director for the implementation of spa services and marketing, accommodation, the consumption of mineral water, nutrition, diagnostics and treatment of tourists at Morshinkurort is carried out in different buildings. This makes it possible to provide services and meet the needs of guests, avoiding congestion.

“Also, in a pandemic, we provide services of sanatorium-resort treatment of persons, victims of industrial accidents and rehabilitation treatment of insured persons at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund, who restored funding for these vouchers ", – noted Nikolay Furmanyuk.

As known, Morshinkurort specializes in liver diseases, gallbladder, pancreas, improves the general condition of the body. Morshyn doctors assure, that even a 10 day stay at the resort, will help restore and maintain immunity. You will saturate your body with useful biologically active substances – phytoncides, which inhibit bacterial growth, and the clean forest air will invigorate and support the festive mood.

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