Morshyn remains a safe place to rest

Coronavirus was diagnosed in 13 389 residents of the Lviv region. For the last day (25.08.2020) no new cases were found in eight districts and seven cities of regional significance.

Про цеLviv portal повідомили в обласному лабораторному центрі.

Coronavirus in the Lviv region was picked up by 13 389 people. During the last day the laboratories did 564 PCR tests, of which were positive 136, that is 24% of the total number of studies.

At the same time, no new cases of coronavirus have been detected in eight districts of the region in the last 24 hours, as well as in Morshyn, Chervonohrad, Boryslav, Strawberries, New Chapter, Stebnik and Stry. Only one more patient was recorded in five districts and cities.

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