Morshin remains in “green” zone with 28 september!

On Thursday, 24 september, at an extraordinary meeting of the commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies, it was decided to revise the levels of epidemic danger of the spread of COVID-19.

Reported by Your Lviv region, referring to the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov.

The city of Morshyn was assigned to “green” the level of epidemiological danger.
It is worth noting, that the restrictions provided for each level come into effect with 00:00 h. 28 september 2020.

Restrictions for “green” the level of epidemic danger:

  • пребывание в общественных зданиях в масках или респираторах;
  • проведение массовых мероприятий – no more 1 man on 5 m;
  • transportation of passengers by public transport within the seating area;
  • кинотеатры с заполненностью до 50%;
  • проведение футбольных матчей со зрителями до 25% from the number of seats in stadiums in compliance with the distance – 1 man on 5 m;
  • when, if more 50% classes or groups of a school or kindergarten went into self-isolation, the whole institution will be quarantined.

Recall, что ранее мы писали об отнесении курорта Моршин к “green” зоны с 21.09.2020

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