Immunity and intestines: the relationship is obvious!

How to strengthen immunity? Strengthen the digestive organs first! We will tell you even more: immunity in the intestines lives! Nearly 80% all immune cells carry their patrol in the intestines and gastrointestinal tract. It just so happened, that perhaps the most powerful organ has one serious vulnerability - it is constantly in contact with the external environment. Primarily through products, which we eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. At any time, pathogenic microbes and other hostile agents can get into it, therefore, intestinal prevention is simply necessary.

Stress is a strong immunosuppressive factor!

When the brain commands "fight or flight" and issues the main group of stress responses, it affects the work of the digestive tract. Signals spread throughout the body - that's why, against the background of anxiety and depression, bowel dysfunction is so frequent. And vice versa, chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa can provoke anxiety and depression, which in themselves reduce immunity. The strength of the immune defense is directly related to the condition of the intestines and its microflora;
stress affects the digestive organs and worsens not only their basic function, but also immunity.

What to do and what prevention?

  1. Normal nutrition and maximum reduction of stressful situations.
  2. Visit resort Morshyn and undergo treatment, since the main specialization of the resort – these are food organs (CCT). The resort is surrounded by nature, what will have a positive effect on your mental state, and therefore on your immunity.
  3. Take brine from Morshyn at home. Rapa – this is a unique product, there are no analogues in the world. Rapa helps eliminate inflammatory processes in the stomach, pancreas, the gut, liver, gallbladder, normalizes secretory and acid-producing functions of the stomach, stimulates bile secretion and bile secretion, normalizes antitoxic function of the liver, leads to normalization of metabolism, lowering blood sugar, strengthens the body's immunity.

You can order brine with delivery by Nova Poshta here (press)

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3 years ago

We try to drink brine No. 6 at least once every six months, she helps us a lot, Morshyn resort in general – unique place, sorry, that there is no way to come now

Where you come in Morshyn?