We sincerely hope, that the information provided will assist you in choosing the right.

What is this site?

The site vacation resort Morshyn ! We help our customers to arrange a trip to Morshyn resort with a view to passing the spa treatment.

Why this web resource?

You will be able to pick up any variant of rest or recovery in Morshyn. use of information, read reviews and compare prices on trips to sanatoriums of Morshyn
If you need advice, our managers are always in touch and help you choose the best option.
1. Email us at info(@)morshyn.net or online chat (right corner on the page)
2. Call us.

Arrival and settling in Morshyn

For settlement in the resort / hotel or guesthouse will need Morshyn:
1. Stay in Morshyn (we sent you by e-mail). The permit can be printed on a black and white printer. If you can not print the ticket prior to arrival, then report it to the manager (we will make a note, and you will be able to settle without a permit).
2. Passport (internal or foreign).
3. Birth certificate (for children). Spa map can be issued upon arrival .

Can I check in Morshyn without permits?

Yes, You can settle without a printed voucher. But you need to notify the manager. Before payment we will send you by e-mail all the documents, in t. h. and a trip to Morshyn. We can also send the original documents by mail (delivery within a few days)

Putevku booked, but it is impossible to go?

Before booking, you get in Morshyn contract, which defines the conditions of the permit canceled. Much depends on the number of days, remaining before arrival, the reasons for refusal, season and so. d. Every situation, we consider individually and always put maximum effort, to help you save money and book.

Is it possible to book a shuttle / taxi to Morshyn, you have a website ?

Pre when booking holidays in Morshyn, you can order a taxi with the manager. You can order a taxi from Lviv, Stryja or bus in Morshyn. The taxi driver will meet you, help with things and spend in resort or hotel in Morshyn. Price by taxi separately discussed with you and the taxi driver directly.
Thanks to our site you can order yourself and discuss the cost of a taxi service in Morshyn here

How to obtain documents, if there is no e-mail?

First of all, advise ask the relatives and friends of the presence of mail from them - we can send documents to their e-mail address. If this is not possible, then we send the original documents by mail to your physical address.

Sanatorium card: where it is to issue and whether you can come without it?

Sanatorium card is needed if, if you are treated in Morshyn.
1. To get a sanatorium card, You need to go to a clinic in the community. Необходимо будет сдать анализы и пройти медицинскую комиссию (это стандартная процедура).
Мы рекомендуем Вам оформить карту до заезда, так как могут быть противопоказания.
2. Check out the map in Morshyn as possible after arrival in the resort.
*Booking on our site - it's very easy and simple way to relax in Morshyn. Booking online for free, that is, you do not pay any additional fees.
**После получения от Вас запроса на бронирование наши сотрудники свяжуться с Вами и сообщат есть ли возможность забронировать выбранный Вами вариант поселения, the price and further conditions of the reservation, or offer other options, If you have chosen is not possible to book.

How many days do you need to spend in the resort Morshyn for successful treatment?

To get the maximum benefit from the therapeutic properties of natural resources, You need to undergo spa treatment for a period of not less than 14 days (perfect - 21 day). The best thing, if time permits, to go to a sanatorium at least 17 days, to arrival in the afternoon at the same time was a Friday - you will have time to consult with your doctor and follow 2 days to adapt to climate. In this case, your body can easily accept and master the treatment.

Which days of the week, it is desirable to go to the resort?

On the advice of doctors, go to the spa treatment preferably by the end of the working week, since the weekend in most resorts procedures are not carried out. Two days will allow you to easily adapt to the climate and to consult a doctor, who will examine you and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

All of our clients are protected by the law of Ukraine “On tourism”.


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Many thanks to the assistance booking tours in Lavender 20.07.2019


Just come to this wonderful resort town family – Morshyn. Планировали наш отдых в период новогодних праздников, потому что хотелось почувствовать с семьей настоящее праздничное настроение на западной Украине. Many thanks managers morshin.net Site, We have found a great family option in a sanatorium “Morshynska” .Now we are YOUR CLIENTS IN THE FOLLOWING YEAR! (…or in this, this is how it goes)


Vidpochynokm principle in Morshyn I'm happy , there are a few notes on the account treatment, but generally ok.


Rest was successful . Many thanks morshyn.net site , адміністратори якого знайшли нам хороший номер в період 01.08 by 14.08 вкл , натомість інші туристичні агенції тільки відмовляли нам аргументуючи відсутністю місць . Будем вашими клієнтами ,дякуєм за 2 тижні відпочинку )


Бронювали на цьому сайті сімейний варіант відпочинку в Моршині , адміністратори порадили готель ” Bogdan” , в них є дитячий майданчик , thank Site for good holidays in Morshyn !!!!!!!!!!

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