The herd immunity experiment in Morshyn was a success!

In Morshyn, Lviv region, where all adults were vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine according to the pilot project of the Ministry of Health, in two months, only two infected with coronavirus were identified.

how transfers Ukrinform, this information was confirmed by the mayor of Morshin Ruslan Ilnitsky.

Mayor stressed, what in his opinion, the herd immunity experiment can be considered a success.

- We have no coronavirus patients in Morshyn at all. 20 June, only one case was recorded, some very strange, because, Firstly, this person does not live in Morshyn, but only registered, and secondly, although the PCR test confirmed (infection. – Ed.), he spent six days in the hospital, and he was discharged. In May, we also had one case, and today - zero. I believe, that our mass vaccination experiment succeeded, - said Ruslan Ilnitsky.

Pfizer vaccines await in town, to instill the rest of the citizens and achieve 70% percent of vaccinated (now this figure fluctuates in the area 65%).

Mayor told, that after the general vaccination, the city began to live its former life: concours allowed, fan zones for football fans are open, and the resort town is regularly visited by tourists and patients of sanatoriums.

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