Information about coronavirus and Morshyn

Important! (UPD: 18.03.2020)
In Morshyn, not a single case of the disease coronavirus infection.

Morshyn one of the most suitable places, where you can ride out any epidemic. In Morshyn sanatoriums of health resort there were only Ukrainians. Arrivals of foreign groups canceled before the completion of the quarantine.

Everything motels and hotels in Morshyn adhere to the required sanitary and hygienic rules. Regular disinfection crowded places (public toilets, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, City Park, etc.). Inside the KNP “Morshinska City Hospital” continues registry processing and other facilities disinfectants.

An effective prophylactic against all diseases is leaving in mountain areas and tourist recreational zones. Morshyn ideal not only for the prevention of diseases, but also for the rest.

Director of travel company Alexander Cherednikova during a press conference in the news agency "HolosUA" He added, that now there is a universal hysteria Coronavirus. Some tourists are moving their trip to the end of August, in September or October.

"Domestically, we vacation quite real. Morshyn we have no closed, Truskavets also works. ", – He concluded the expert.

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