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villa Morshyn

villas Morshyn

In two dozen modernistic villas were built during the interwar twenty years in Morshyn for wealthy vacationers. Built with the latest architectural fashion peep – constructionism + blotches German Bauhaus school, data villas were symbols of luxury and comfort for visitors to the resort. However, most of them did not survive the horrors of the Second World. A photo 1 – villas “Gražina” (bombed in …

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Holiday Village in Morshin NLTUU

In the reserve, ecologically clean area of ​​Morshyn is a recreation center NLTUU in a picturesque area, 50-varieties of trees and oaks which are more 300 years. at your disposal: -building with lounges (2-x local numbers, 4-x local luxury rooms), TV in rooms, refrigerator, shower, hot water. -cozy huts with barbecue for 8 people to relax in a cozy atmosphere; -on …

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Apartment in Morshyn (Centre,park part)

  We offer to your attention one-bedroom apartment in g. Morshyn, The apartment is located in the center of the park Morshyn (st 50 years of UPA 14). The entrance is clean (input into chip), Headquarters 1 floor, made neat repair, round the clock hot / cold water, cable TV, high speed wifi internet, in the apartment 2 double sofa (2+2), in the kitchen refrigerator , teapot, …

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