Aero-therapy or air treatment in Morshyn

Aerotherapy – air treatment. There is an integral part of spa treatment. Conducted on the recommendation of a doctor, under control. It is important when playing sports. It uses the effect on the body of open fresh air for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes..

The main effect of aerotherapy is, that open air cools skin receptors, nerve endings of the mucous membrane, leading to an increase in the sensitivity threshold, improving the thermoregulation of the body and thereby contributing to its hardening. The threshold of receptor sensitivity increases. Also, cooling through aerotherapy stimulates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation, normalizes nervous and muscle tone.morshyn-palace

Air stimulates mechanoreceptors and thermosensitive structures of the skin and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, causes increased afferent impulses, what affects the processes in the central nervous system and reflexively changes muscle tone (skin-motor reflexes). there is an increase in tidal volume and alveolar ventilation. Under the influence of air, metabolic processes are activated, increased oxygen consumption by tissues, the level of gas exchange increases, training and improvement of thermoregulation mechanisms occurs due to desensitization of skin receptors and central nervous apparatus. Heart rate rises, left ventricular stroke volume and blood pressure, increases the absorption of oxygen by the blood and accelerates its delivery to tissues.

Aerotherapy is indicated for the following major syndromes: hypoergic hot-tempered, disalgic with increased, reduced and inverted sensitivity, neurotic with depression, dyshormonal with a predominance of stress-limiting hormones, immunopathies with allergic conditions, Dyskinetic idistonic by hypotype, dismetabolic, as well as organ failure (Cardiac, vascular, respiratory, endocrine dysfunction, encephalomyelopathy, arthropathy, dermopathy) in compensation stage, dysplastic and dystrophic by hypotype.
Aerotherapy is indicated for patients with neurasthenia, after closed craniocerebral trauma, heart disease (CHD, valvular heart disease with poor circulation 0-1), hypertension stage I-II, COPD in remission, chronic forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma with rare attacks, mild thyrotoxicosis, anemic, gastritis, peptic ulcer outside the exacerbation phase, neurocirculatory dystonia of all forms, chronic pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, pathology of the skin and ENT organs.

When drawing up any treatment plan, a sanatorium regime is assumed, where the time of activity and sleep is regulated, nutrition, treatment procedures, walks and entertainment. The regimen of treatment and relaxation in sanatoriums and resorts should combine elements of movement and rest. He should in no way relax the patient., and, conversely, in every possible way to strengthen and train his functional abilities. Acclimatization reactions aimed at stimulating adaptation mechanisms in order to mobilize the compensatory capabilities of the body and increase endurance to various kinds of influences.

Of course, climate alone is not enough to improve. To the healing effects of the climate in Morshyn sanatoriums add an extensive medical base. Modern sanatoriums in Morshyn offer their patients a variety of treatment procedures and will maximize the effect of treatment.

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