7 fresh videos from a walk in Morshyn | Rest with treatment in sanatoriums of Morshin
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7 fresh videos from a walk in Morshyn

We offer you to watch walking videos from the Morshin resort. ↓
  1. Walk from the pump room past the Palace of Culture (press, To view)
  2. The Marble Palace, amphitheater, Park (press, To view)
  3. Morshin from the railway station to the Marble Palace through the park (press, To view)
  4. Monument to the Lynx in Morshyn via the Cheremosh and Lavanda sanatoriums to the station. stroll (press, To view)
  5. Walk Morshin through the pump room, ATB, railway station, the price of water in the pump room (press, To view)
  6. Walk by Morshin from source No. 4 through the park (press, To view)
  7. Review of the new train Kivertsy-Ivano-Frankivsk at the station in Morshyn (press, To view)

More videos here: https://morshyn.net/моршин-видео/

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