A selection of the best options of excursions from Morshyn

Morshyn is located in a convenient geographical location for various excursions Carpathians.

How to plan your route, to admire beautiful places in the Carpathians, read the collection of top beautiful excursions from Morshyn.

Lake Synevyr – the most famous lake in the country. It is also called the pearl of the Carpathians. Every year it attracts thousands of travelers.

This tour will take You the whole day, but will be remembered for a lifetime

Lake Synevyr rightly considered the most valuable natural treasure of the National Park of the same name and one of the business cards of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located at a height of 989 meters above sea level.

The average water surface area is 4-5 ha, the depth of the lake – on average 8-10 m. However, sometimes the greatest depth Synevyr reach 19-22 m. It's even more, than in the Azov sea.

Dovbush Rocks – created by nature, powerful forms, the outlines of giant rocks and giant stones somewhat similar to the incredible silhouettes of fantastical creatures. Say, each rock represents a part of the body of national hero Oleksa Dovbush.

For You it should be an exciting and at the same time mystical tour
Dovbush rocks
Dovbush Rocks, located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk (near the town of Bolekhiv and the village Bubnysche) and Lviv regions (near the village of Trukhaniv), considered one of the most mystical tourist attraction of the Carpathian region. Here, surrounded by bizarre volcanic stone giants, you will feel outside of the real world. An incredible number of legends and mysteries, which shrouded the ancient sanctuary, it is impossible to contain in our short essay. By assumption, researchers, the story of the rocks associated with the Celtic tribes, inhabiting the Carpathian mountains in the I th. BC. and worshipped the big stones. With the spread of Christianity the old pagan sanctuary with altars turned into a monastery.

Park "Skole Beskids" located between the three Carpathian rivers – resistance, Stry and Mizunka. In the forests of the Carpathians strong Buki, and ancient spruce growing here for over a hundred years. You can look at the waterfalls, rare animals and reserve "Tustan".

Skole Beskids is a popular area for Hiking, water and ski tourism

skolivski BeskydyNational natural Park "skolivski Beskydy" is a large part of the Skole district and parts of neighboring areas (Drohobych and Turka) Lviv region. The total area of the protected area is 35684 ha.

"Skole Beskids" is one of the best places to stay on the territory of Ukraine. Near the Park are the famous Ukrainian resorts Skhidnytsia, Morshyn, Slavske, Truskavets. The Park is located in the valleys of the rivers Stryi and Opir, therefore, there are opportunities for water tourism. Also develops and Alpine tourism. In the Park more 30 balneological mineral springs !

Shypit Waterfall – the most full-flowing waterfall of Transcarpathia. The best time to contemplate his perlini – spring and summer. Every year, since 1993 year, near the waterfall is an informal festival, which come the hippies and other subcultures from all over Ukraine. Here also celebrated the feast of Midsummer with the local tradition and flavor.

Events in Sipote described in the book "a Little darkness" Ukrainian writer liubko Deresh.

Shypit waterfall

Waterfall is a famous tourist destination. Here organized a special bus tour of health resorts of Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region. At the present time is the commercialization of Shipot, built restaurants and eateries. Planned construction of a ski lift in the area of the waterfall.

Three rapid cascades tumbling down steep cliffs – manyavsky waterfall. According to legend, you can hear the Carpathian nymphs. Lake Hereshaska and it is located waterfall, unsurpassed natural ensemble, combining noisy waterfalls and quiet mountain lake is rectangular in shape. The height of the waterfall 7 meters.

Manyava waterfall is considered one of the highest in our country. According to various estimates, its height is from 18 to 20 meters. Water falls down several cascades, and at the foot of a small lake where you can even swim. Cool and clean water will give strength and vigor for a long time.Local tell, the water here rejuvenates. The fact, once in this place worshipped the patron of youth. So there's energy here. In General, travelers believe maniava waterfall is perfect for travelers. This place is very special. The impression, there is some mystery.

Our site is not involved in excursions, we do not provide detailed information about tours in Morshyn. For more detailed information, inquire directly to the tour operators at the pump room of the resort Morshyn.

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