The journalist wrote a poem about the resort Morshyn

Leading television Espresso Vasily Zima I published a poem about the resort Morshyn in his facebook. Basil also made a photo Morshyn resort landscape in autumn.

                            The resort, as a drug,
                            TI in reality another,
                            Nadokuchlivy cat,
                            This verse tells ...
Walk softly tree,
Sit under the window,
White stone lions,
A pigeon flock ...

Clouds, like pictures,
Scattered in the sky,
And you half,
Pulls his hands to himself..

Witches do water,
In the middle of the forest,
I wondered love,
The houses of yew ...

In this viscous water,
As much every potion,
Even the ghosts from the cliff,
All zapravyly salt..

And the magic of the spheres,
Where blurs the boundaries,
You tread on shore,
Before broken tower ...

I do not know, where north,
And where did he go west,
magnetized Greenwich,
These forests are lost ...

Leaves fall slightly,
Then just flies,
Road and flee,
No signs vayfay ...

And sculptures whisper,
And it seems, they see,
Then at midnight,
Alive though ...

The resort, a portal,
Bridge between worlds,
All principles principles,
It came upon us ...

Strange shape faces,
In broad trees,
Looking dead pupils,
Said to you ...

You can just go,
And not even tired,
Parallel worlds,
And lost memory ...

They go out here,
I go out of this world,
They want to form water,
In the present flash ...

And looking threshold,
Witch in the woods,
And keep it,
Charmed demons ...

White lions are,
Guarding stories,
And Crow Men,
For doklovuye stars ...

and fog, a dream,
shut portals,
Black clouds of crows,
Under the sky hovered ...

And in the forest thickly,
In the distant black thicket,
spreading smoke,
Demon Crack ....

Zakiltsovanyyy time,
In this strange place,
Taras and stones,
Sometimes howling at the moon ...

And as nezchuyeshsya,
Sam must come at,
And Thou shalt fall backwards,
To read poems..

understand all,
And nothing yet,
hourly carousel,
In the middle of the night ....

All dance round about,
And the whispers and silent,
And the little shepherd,
Comes to life every night ...

Ever recorded water,
read secret,
So, just sit,
You're tired, definitely...

So just shut up,
Let the trees say,
Those, that quiet night,
Run under windows ...
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