7 reasons, why you should visit the Park in Morshyn

The noise of the roads, police sirens and ringing mobile – citizens constantly hear and see the sounds and signs of the city.

Therefore, we suggest “run” from the city noise and come to the city for recreation.

Even if You have no significant health problems and You feel great, read our arguments in favor of the rest in Morshyn.

1.Reduction of psychological fatigue in Morshyn

Study, published by authoritative European institutions,, shows, that reducing environment – forest, lake or beach (all these resort Morshyn is not deprived) – reduced psychological energy, and natural beauty inspires a sense of awe, giving secondary brain stimulus.

After a good walk and improves short-term memory.

The study participants on the memory test were divided into two groups and sent for a walk.

When they returned, them again protested.

Group, who was walking in the park, He pointed to 20% the best results, who walked through the streets of the city.

2.The increase in activity

Ecopsychology found, that the contemplation of soft, the natural beauty of the forest and of nature in general, allows the brain to recover and relax after created mankind “attacks” of modern life.

Nature also provides a fresh approach to the problems.

On the nature of the brain is more open to the dreams and walks, which improves creativity.

psychologists have noticed, that the benefits of spending time in nature continued even after returning from a walk.

Another study, published in the journal Public Library of Science, revealed, what people, that “submerged” in nature for 4 days, improved their results in the test for creative problem solving as much as 50%.

3.Increasing happiness

Study, published in Environmental Science and Technolog, It found a link between a decrease in anxiety, bad mood and walks in the woods.

Journal of Affective Disorders published an analysis, which shows, the forest or the park, improves mood and self-esteem, and it is an important element for personal happiness.

And if we water – lake(in Morshyn there 2 Lake), River, – impact on happiness even more pronounced.

4.increased immunity

International conglomerate scientists interviewed 31000 towny.

The survey showed, that residents “green” zones were healthier than those, who lived in “naked” areas of greenery.

When a person – in a vortex phytoncids, it improves the immune system as a whole, It helps to fight with a cough, colds and flu.

The researchers also found, that patients heal faster after surgery, If a hospital bed can see the natural greenery.

5.Expansion of exercise and heart health

study shows, that the three-mile walk on a treadmill will burn as many calories, as a walk in the forest at the same distance.

British scientists have studied thousands of children and found, that children were twice as active on the street, than indoors.

6.stress reduction

Several studies shows, that employment in the forest or walk it reduces blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol, as well as adrenaline, and it helps to calm down.

Study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, revealed, students, where to go on holiday with an overnight stay in the woods for two days, We returned with significantly lower levels of cortisol in comparison with those, who remained in the city.

Scientists from the Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine got the same results, Noting, that cortisol levels and heart rate decreased in the, who spent his time away from the hustle, Catching “timber treatment”.

7.improvement of

study shows, that not only the carrots can naturally improve your eyesight.

An Australian study examined 2000 children for two years.

The results showed, children, who spend more time outdoors, less risk of nearsightedness.

Scientists in Taiwan following the two neighboring schools with roughly similar levels of myopia in schoolchildren.

One school were encouraged to spend more time with their children on the streets for a year.

Through 12 months children protested. The data showed, that the incidence of myopia students, which were more time on the street – 8.41%.

Whereas in another school – this 17.65%.

We advise you to definitely plan your vacation to the resort Morshyn. From lakes to large forests – This is the best ecologically clean region of Ukraine. Take a stroll in the park in Morshyn, breathe clean air!


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