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( promised to write, write t. to many ask)
It just so happened that 5 Years ago, I still got to sanatorium morshinsky, because it was just so very bad- put himself into the work😰Could no longer eat anything really, only sour or sharp, that would in any way appetite to Wake😑
And it was the right, and direct salutary decision at that time🙏🏼 And every year I try to ride in Morshyn, because without this in any way)) This comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation of hard to find somewhere, and the prices for Kiev – better not get sick😆

very suitable for me Morshyn💚 (Vodicka and basically everything is directed to the digestive tract)
The myth that I now wait until there will be absolutely crappy, and then I will think of something – Not okay. because, what would pass all health need health and strength! Otherwise, you're not taken, just everything is contraindicated❤️ It is running late to drink Borjomi saying and more on the text…
I did not understand, why is that, but after each procedure need to rest, but if you want to pass a lot of things, + the tires load on the body.
Well, in any case do not lead to such a state, better physiological procedures, to kick-start the body work, Cem drug🙏🏼 It's just not quite typical now for the youth to go to a sanatorium, and the bulk of 50+-, and it is surprising what you young it should be?
explain- all the problems and symptoms go inside, and the head of the course🤯, but I am actually saving both time and money prevention, plus a wonderful holiday, clean air and even beneficial for health, it is much better than during the year to swallow tablets, and do not understand that you, where and what hurts

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