How to distinguish real from fake Morshyn brine?

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how buy really real brine from Morshyn? How to distinguish the original from a fake?
This is the most common issues at the expense of the brine from Morshyn. Read our small tips, to protect against counterfeiting!

  1. price. This Morshinska brine can not be 100 UAH (on 2020 city) If you are offered from Morshyn brine at a very low price, most likely, it's fake!
  2. In most cases, unscrupulous seller of fake brine will offer you to do 100% prepayment for the product. Never settle for it! Pay and check the authenticity of the brine already at the post office!
  3. OLX and other sites. Never buy brine on OLX.UA and similar sites., because the 95% brine sold forgery!
  4. Pay attention to the label. The label must indicate manufacturer, address and contact numbers, license number, address capacity, which produces the product, GOST, number balneological conclusion. For the brine should provide instructions for use.
  5. Unscrupulous sellers of such brine write, that there is a possibility of delivery directly “first-hand” from the pump room in Morshin – it's all cheating. Also write, that the bottle and cap are subject to change (Colour) – this is a sign of a fake, since the design of a real brine is consistent and meets the standards, visually what a real brine from Morshyn looks like you can see below on this page.
 Rapa “from the hands” or through OLX may harm! Rapa, which acquired "with hands", It can be bacteriologically contaminated and cause you intestinal infections. Therefore, we warn you from buying so-called brine, because it can not only benefit, but also harm your health.

How visually looks fake brine from Morshin?

brine forged wrinkles
It looks like a fake. Take care of your health

What does the real Morshinsky brine look like??

there is 2 real brine from Morshin on 2020 year. Remember these recommendations., these are the characteristics of this product!

1) Glass bottle capacity 0.5 with color quality ectiketkoy. The bottle has a date of manufacture and instructions.

Documents: Special Permit for the Use of Subsoil, No. 6113 from 07.04.2016 year, certificate of mineral water condition …, No. 1226/1 from 27.12.2013 year, medical (balneological) conclusion, Nos. 357- 360 from 28.02.2012 chemical test report, No. 351 from 18.09.2017 year, issued by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, passport of radiation quality of therapeutic brine from wells from 10.08.2017 year

2) In green plastic volume bottles 0,7 liter form with embossed embossed inscription "Morshyn brine», red cork with the image of the vehicle "Morshinsky brine number 6". Label of green color with the image of TS "Morshinsky brine No. 6, The manufacturer and date of bottling must be indicated.

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3 months ago

I have such a bottle, as you listed here as fake. bought it for 150 hryvnias on another site (01.02.2024) , unfortunately, I fell for the cheap price, Be attentive!

Where you come in Morshyn?
Where did you come from in Morshyn
3 years ago

Okay, that we read this article, also led to a cheap price and ordered on olx by 90 UAH bottles, to taste ordinary tap water with a bite of chlorine, the label seemed to be printed with a cheap printer, don't be fooled by it, as they say “the stingy pays twice”. Now we order brine only here on the site, there is a certificate, instruction, and most importantly, that brine really helps. I recommend this site and thank you for the discount !

Where you come in Morshyn?
3 years ago

Thank you so much for your advice, our friends ordered a fake on OLX for less than 100 UAH (fell for the price) and as it turned out it was just chlorinated water, be careful !

Where you come in Morshyn?