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Morshinsky brine №6. Information for familiarization and purchase with delivery

Morshyn brine (Ropa) – it is a unique healing concentrate, there are practically no analogues in the world. Proof of effectiveness throughout 100 years, the healing effect of brine is known in the CIS and around the world.

For use is diluted with drinking water. Rapa can be used not only in the Morshin resort, but at home.

Sulphate Magnesium Potassium Sodium rap with Morshin №6 contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the stomach, pancreas, the gut, liver, gallbladder, normalizes secretory and acid-producing functions of the stomach, stimulates bile secretion and bile secretion, normalizes antitoxic function of the liver, leads to normalization of metabolism, lowering blood sugar, increased oxidative processes and – as a result – weight loss in obese people and strengthening the body's immunity.

➡️Read an expert opinion in the field of balneology on immunity and gastrointestinal prevention. How to improve health and immunity?

Due to the properties of glass, brine from Morshin can persist for a long time in a dark place. (do not store brine in the refrigerator, use dark places with average home temperature for storage)

Ropa Morshyn
It is this brine that guests of the Morshin resort drink in the pump room of mineral waters.

Years of practice has shown important therapeutic value morshinskaya brine, the therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system known.

Morshinsky brine №6

  • contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the stomach, pancreas, the gut, liver, gallbladder
  • normalizes the acid-forming function of the stomach
  • stimulates gallstone formation and bile secretion, reduces the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder and biliary tract
  • normalizes protein-forming, carbohydrate antitoxic function of the liver
  • normalizes metabolism: positive for cholesterol, B-lipoprotein, reduces blood sugar and increases glucose tolerance in patients with diabetes, increases oxidative processes, leads to weight loss in obese people.

The effectiveness of using the brine of the Morshin resort in patients after surgery on the organs of the gastroduodenal zone is proved, particularly when dumping syndrome, afferent loop syndrome, agastric asthenia, gastritis, stump of the stomach, etc..

Rapa source number 6 refers to radio blockers – contain elements of K, Na, Mg, competing with cesium radionuclides and contribute to its rapid excretion from the body. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect and the increase in fluid volume in the intestinal cavity, brine from Morshin promotes leaching of the intestinal wall, removal of bacterial toxins, radionuclides, unoxidized metabolic products, normalizes indicators of secretory and acid forming function of the stomach.

Proven, that the therapeutic effectiveness of brine is not lower than the main analogue – Oil ! (Only water from Truskavets cannot be stored for a long time, the chemical composition is different, On the contrary, brine from Morshyn can be stored for a very long time in glass containers.)

With 1879 It has been operating on the basis of the brine sources resort Morshyn.

Morshyn brine
Even in those years, the Poles understood the medicinal value of brine from Morshyn and actively advertised it. (Polish advertisement for brine from Morshyn. Archive 1883 city)

To 1939 year Morshinska brine supplied to Europe and America, It became known in the world. The Soviet Union was recognized by the unique rapa, Morshyn resort became all-Union!

We also offer to watch a video of the central pump room (inside view), which is located in the resort Morshyn, Guests of the resort are drinking brine

Geographically extracted from brine wells in the city Morshyn. Mine pit depth 50 m, mounted wooden log diameter 2x2m, built in the XVI-VII centuries. For therapeutic purposes, is used with brine 1878 year. Wells №№ 3re, 17and, 29and the depth from 70 to 110 m, diameter 146-168 mm, drilled in 1972-1979 G. G. General mineralization 147-381 g / liter. Chemical composition (mg / eq%): sulfate 20-40 chlorides 52-80 magnesium 20-35 sodium 49-79

ropa original
100% real brine from Morshin. Full package of documents: balneological findings, quality certificate, chemical analysis and other official documents.
Open application instructions in brine

Eat brine prescription-only medical specialist!

Rapa is not a medicine. Rapa is a natural food product. Rapa is a dietary supplement (Dietary supplements or biologically active additives are such biologically substances, which are intended, to improve health and restore the balance of essential substances in the body)

instruction: For fresh drinking water diluted boiled above Rop mineralization by the following procedure:

for mineralization 3,5 g / l diluted 25 ml. brine (2 dessert spoons) on 1 litere of water;

for mineralization 7 g / l diluted 50 ml. brine (3 tablespoons) on 1 litere of water; d

A mineralization 14 g / l diluted 100 ml. brine (6 tablespoons) on 1 litere of water.

The finished mineral water consumed cold (20GA), warm (38-40°) or hot (43-45GA).

Doctors recommend the resort to continue treatment at home:

eating brine in breeding 3,5 g / liter, one bottle is enough for you 46 days
eating brine in breeding 7,0 g / liter, one bottle is enough for you 23 day;
eating brine in breeding 14,0 g / liter, one bottle is enough for you 12 days
The need to re-complete the course of treatment at home 1-2-3 bottle, depending on the breeding.

 testimony: In chronic gastritis with low and normal secretion and acidity of gastric juice is used warm mineral water salinity 3,5 or 7 g / l at 20-45 minutes before a meal in the amount of 100-150 ml 3 times a day. Liver diseases, gallbladder and biliary tract, accompanied by decreased secretion and acidity of gastric juice is applied warm or hot mineral water mineralization 7 or 14 g / l for 15-20 minutes before a meal. Of probing for liver and gall bladder with reduced secretion of gastric recommended mineral water dilution 14 or 21 g / l. Number tyubazh held on doctor's advice. Method: in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 200 ml. of probing prepared for hot mineral water and lie 1,5-2 hours with a heater in the liver. In diseases of the large intestine at a reduced secretion of gastric acid so, used warm mineral water mineralization 3,5 or 7 g / l 3 times a day 100-150 ml. for 15-20 minutes before a meal, and in diseases, accompanied by diarrhea – mineralization 3,5 g / liters of hot. In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer with decreased secretion of gastric juice and acidity, which is accompanied by a weakening of the chair in a stable remission stage, It applies warm or hot mineral water salinity 3,5 g / L in an amount 100-150 ml. for 1:00 before meals.

The therapeutic effect of the brine depends on the correct dilution!!!

Rapu should be diluted to a certain concentration, namely - 3.5, 7.0 and 14.0 g l. Improper use of such breeding and mineral water can aggravate chronic disease and create dodakove the salt load on the body!

How to take Morshinsky brine ?

The use of mineral water should occur only according to a physician, which should first assess the overall condition of the body, basic disease, which are indications for the use of water, stages of these diseases and also take into account possible concomitant diseases.

Mineral water with the doctor prescribes a proper water temperature, reception time, concentration and volume, are calculated in accordance with the indications and body weight.

The most effective is complex. The best therapeutic effect can only be obtained in accordance with a doctor's prescription, on time 18-24 day, at the same time food intake, diet food.

Mineral water, which was assigned to you at the resort, and that you have taken in certain dilutions in a certain mode, effective only for you, and for your friend or friends may need a different mode and the reception, breeding, temperature, which can identify only a doctor.

brine doctors

↓ 5 reasons to order from us ↓

1.The original brine (we do not sell counterfeit, all the necessary documents on our website, if necessary, we send copies)

2.Sending directly from g.Morshin, brine will be fresh, since shipping directly from the brine plant!

3.COD or via PrivatBank

4. Instructions for use will be inside the parcel

5.Making sent to any place in Ukraine within an hour after the order by phone


Quality confirmation! Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Sending occurs every day immediately after ordering.. Delivery times in Ukraine: 1-2 day. New mail, or Ukrpochta (Ukrpochta cheaper delivery)

wire. for order :

+38 096 828 73 36Viber

+38 066 521 24 24

When ordering more than 3 bottles in glass, the cost of each bottle is reduced – 30 UAH.

Rapa belongs to dietary supplements and is not a drug.

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2 months ago

I ordered and received five bottles of brine in three days. Everything came as agreed. Thanks to manager Morshin.

Zhanna Yakovleva
3 months ago

Greetings and gratitude from Minsk. Rapu received through 9 days after dispatch,the courier delivered the parcel home.,as agreed. Thank you very much,I wish you success and good luck in your work that is useful for everyone in need..

Where you come in Morshyn?
3 months ago

The brine was received after reviewing the parcel at the New Post Office, everything was perfectly packed and came intact, thank you

Where you come in Morshyn?
Novograd Volyn
3 months ago

Rapa got, ordering already 2 a year here for myself and relatives. I recommend Rapa for prophylaxis of the body !!! Only Ukrposhta order takes a very long time, choose New mail, she copes more quickly.

Where you come in Morshyn?
Drozdova Natalia Stepanovna
5 months ago

I bought a brine on another OLX classifieds site and fell for a cheap price 100 UAH. But, after consulting a doctor, I found out, that it was fake and tasted like regular water only with salt, the doctor suggested, that real brine from Morshyn is sold only on this site ( After that, I ordered a real one on this site and paid after receiving it on New mail. Below I will attach a photo of a fake brine, people be careful(!!!), do not save on health 100 hryvnia.fake brine from Morshyn

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Drozdova Natalia Stepanovna
5 months ago

Save it's useless on this – miser pays twice. Have you heard? Say, that in Ukraine there may be an Indian coronavirus soon and can affect not only the lungs, but also the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. So here, better for digestive tract prevention than brine 6 not! be healthy!

5 months ago

Thank you! Delivery was carried out without problems!Have a nice day, everyone!

Olya 1978
6 months ago

Had stomach problems, accidentally saw information about brine on an authoritative health portal here For a month now we have been drinking with my family and are satisfied with the healing effect, and most importantly, that this is directly given to us by nature, not different pills and chemicals!!!

Where you come in Morshyn?
7 months ago

Good day,
Tell me please, whether there are restrictions in the diet when taking brine ?
I bought water in Morshyn for prevention, without personal consultation when it was a journey.

I will be grateful for the answer!

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Моршин.net
7 months ago

Thank you!

8 months ago

I ordered on this site 2 years in a row brine No. 6 after, as the doctor recommended, drink 1 semiannually, began to feel very good, now I'm ordering my friends!!! Don't skimp on health, this brine is worth a penny, take it right and diet. You are being treated!!!

Where you come in Morshyn?
8 months ago

Good evening, it is possible to deliver brine to Belarus? My tel: +375172156115

Where you come in Morshyn?