Phone Ordering massage: 050-071-93-25, 097-665-00-20.

European massage with European quality in Morshyn

Our massage services to help with : osteochondrosis, arthrosis, muscle spasms, cellulitis, etc.. The total massage lasts for less than an hour, back massage - not less 30 minutes.

Massaj whole body heals, working with reflex points and zones influences the internal organs, and the brain. A session lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 o'clock. After the session overall body relaxation.

We provide services therapeutic massage: general massage, back massage, hand massage, legs, abdominal massage, head massage and foot massage…

It provides professional masseur – Rehabilitation 2nd category – Viktor Ivanovich with the experience of working with 2005 year.

Massage chair in Morshyn

We offer a unique opportunity to relax and improve your health in our massage chair. Razminayushtiy, circular, vibratsiny, acupressure, pneumomassage feet. massaging chair: back, neck, lower back, buttocks, thigh, calf muscles. We are on 2 floor balneological hospital Morshyn resort. cost of 15 min – 50 UAH.

Infrared sauna

Jobs infrared saunas is based on the ability of infrared radiation heat the human body. Infrared radiation or thermal radiation – This type of heat distribution. It has nothing to do with ultraviolet or X-rays and with absolutely safe for humans. The penetration of infrared waves in body depth prokrivae takaniny, bodies, muscles, bones and joints, and accelerates the flow of blood and lymph. improves sweating. Infrared sauna will help you if you: high or low blood pressure, sleep disturbance, kidney failure, stresses, colds, disorders of blood circulation, Arthritis and Rheumatism, suhlobiv inflammation, cellulitis, muscle aches, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, the problem of excess weight, skin burns, back pain, stomach pain, indigestion. cost of 30 min. – 100 UAH.

Ceragem Master in Morshyn

Seragem master organically combines the principles of oriental wellness therapy: massage, acupressure, moxibustion and Western chiropractic. Seragem master – electrotherapy South Korea production.

apparatus Ceragem Master designed with the physiology of the human body, that allows a person to use it with maximum comfort, as well as effective control of their health. Inside the equipment there is a moving jade floodlight, emitting under heating infrared rays. In accordance with the set automatic program, internal spotlight moves along the natural lines of the spine, performing warming effect, massage, chiropractors, acupressure. The impact of this kind contributes to the emancipation squeezed back muscles, withdrawal pain, improve blood circulation and restore the functionality of the spine. Improves overall physical and emotional condition, which was destroyed as a result of poor lifestyle choices, bad habits, everyday stresses. The body is filled with ease and cheerfulness.

apparatus Seragem master It can serve as a good prevention of such diseases, as:

    • arthritis;
    • arthrosis;
    • osteochondrosis;
    • herniated discs;
    • radiculitis;
    • posture violation;
    • metabolic disease;
    • hypertension;
    • diabetes;
  • migraine;

The main impact of electrotherapy Seragem master It has on the spine, the so-called root of life.

Use of this product gives a whole new feeling, different from the usual effects of massage devices. carboxylic panel, built-in mattresses, warms up the body of the user near infrared rays over the entire length, which greatly improves the efficiency of recovery. External spotlights allow the user to burn the body's problem areas.

Seragem equipment has numerous patents, certificates of quality and security of America, E

of Europe, Korea (THIS, UL, TUV, LAST NAME, WHY), as well as other developed countries, that confirm its safety and reliability. Seragem apparatus has been widely recognized and praised by users in more than 72 countries.

How to find a massage in Morshyn ?

press, To view detailed map

ul. park Area, 3. Not far from the main pump-room resort Morshyn.

Indoors balneary climb to the second floor and you will see the office as in the photo above

wire. (+38) 050-071-93-25, (+38) 097-665-00-20 Victor I.

PN-SB, 8.00-17.00.

Dear friends! Send us your question in the comments .

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5 years ago

free with 10.07.2018 by 19.07.2018 and how to enroll ?

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Inna
5 years ago

9-15.07 I Zaporozhye, in Morshyn from 16.07. Call me 093 -321 97 26

6 years ago

His ailing back trust only Marat. Previously I had to treat lower back Diclofenac ((, and now I found a good professional hands. Optimistic, easy-going, it is seen, that runs from the heart. Marat, thank! Separately – for the movement for home charging. Following his visit to necessarily agree with you, To get to a complete cycle of 10-12 massages. The phone has not changed?

Where you come in Morshyn?
6 years ago

What prices are massage spring 2018 ?

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Ira
6 years ago

Now the overall classic massage – 300 UAH, 1 year. Thai 700 UAH, 2,5 year.

6 years ago

He was on vacation in Morshyn. Had a chance to get an appointment with Marat. for 4 Sessions experienced significant relief. Professional attitude. Reasonable price. thank you!

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Nikolai
6 years ago

Always happy guests from Zhytomyr

Igor and Lena
6 years ago

Yesterday my wife and I returned from Morshyn. Many pleasant memories, but best of all – This massage Marat. We have passed a course of massage in different massage therapists, but what makes Marat – this is art! Thank you, Marat, quality, environmental and virtuosity, nice to meet professionals, I love their work! For those, who appreciate the harmony of body and soul, respect and tact, we recommend a massage in Morshyn Marat.
family therapists, Igor and Lena. October, 2017 year.

Reply to Igor and Lena
6 years ago

Hello Melitopol! Until we meet again!

6 years ago

Was Morshyn 3 days and hit, Fortunately, to Marat. Massage at a high level.
Marat, you are wonderful, as your body massage. THANK YOU!!!!

Where you come in Morshyn?
Reply to Ina
6 years ago

Thank you for your feedback!

Elena Ilyinova
7 years ago

I arrived yesterday in Morshyn, how to get to your massage? Half a year ago treated tsirvikalgiyu, 2course blokadirovatsya…. It seems to have passed, but the crunch in the neck preserved….

7 years ago

Good day, I plan to come in Morshyn 14 November, or you can sign up to have a massage and back will cost sklky?

7 years ago

Before the trip to Morshyn read the reviews and decided to be sure to get a massage to Marat ( 23 years of work at the computer, as a result – 2 intervertebral hernia, especially cervical spoils life – heaviness in the nape, shoulders, etc.) I try to go every year to receive medical treatment, always I do therapeutic massage and thought, that in the procedure for I can not be anything new. It turns out, can. Massage Marat – it is something special. sensitive, Careful fingers, clever hands… it seems, he knows, how we can help you, and it makes it very professionally. Two weeks after my return from Morshyn, and I can already assess the massage result… READ the full review »

Reply to Natalia
7 years ago

Natalia, sincerely thank you for your review! :))

8 years ago

Hello Marat, We may want to go on vacation in Morshyn, We are looking for a good massage in Morshyn, We found you, my husband osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, please tell me how to find you, where to go in Morshyn? Thank you in advance

Reply to Luda
8 years ago

Lyudmila, my phone number and address are listed on this page, a little higher ))