We offer you services of massage in Morshyn:

Pass our tool-free diagnostics of internal organs.
Normalize the functioning of the internal organs with the help of visceral massage.
To normalize the position of internal organs.
Remove the spasm of the internal organs, with functional disorders.
Eliminate venous and lymphatic congestion.
Normalize the condition of the musculoskeletal system.
Normalize your weight by restoring the functions of internal organs.

Main stream – manual therapy of the internal organs (Old Slavonic massage internal organs or visceral chiropractic).

Apply the author's technique NS. Nasikovskogo restoration of internal organs and systems by external pressing and total internal voltage.

We use no analogues in the world of copyright A.T techniques. Peel. As a result of manipulation of the stomach, breast, neck – undergoing profound physiological processes, leading to the recovery not only of the internal organs, but also the whole organism.
Tel: 095-646-63-63,063-866-63-32 (Igor,masseur Morshyn) (a discount 5% all, who is calling from the website)

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