In chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum are used ozokeritotherapy. Due to the high specific heat, low thermal conductivity, ozokerite application temperature of 50-60 ° C do not cause burns of the skin and is not a heavy load on the cardiovascular system. Reactions and answers to such treatment is increasing gradually.

Ozokeritotherapy reduces inflammation, antispastic and analgesic effect, increases metabolism, It improves blood circulation and the patient's state of health.

Ozokerite applications (45-50OnWith) alternate with mineral baths every other day, everything 10-12 procedures for treatment.

Contraindications: chronic circulatory failure, recent gastrointestinal bleeding, exacerbation of the pathological process, etc..

Among the methods of complex spa therapy, a significant place is occupied by peloidotherapy (mud treatment). It helps to reduce swelling of the gastric mucosa, resorption of infiltrates, normalization of motor activity, pain relief. Excessive excitability of the neuro-glandular apparatus of the stomach is removed and its secretory activity is being established.

Indications for pelotherapy: peptic ulcer in remission or fading exacerbation, increased gastroduodenal tone (pylorospasm, increased segmental peristalsis), periduodenity, perigastritis, inflammatory infiltrates in the stomach.

In Morshyn, galvanic mud is also used. The therapeutic effect of this procedure is due to the action and dirt, and electric current.

Also effective diathermotherapy: applications put on 15 min. over the celiac area thick 2-3 cm, temperature 40-42OnWith, current strength 1,5-2 BUT.

Among the auxiliary means of complex spa treatment, an important role is played by physiotherapy. Balneofactors and daily physical exercises regulate the normal activity of various organs and body systems., contribute to the formation of positive conditioned reflexes and increase its reactivity.

Depending on the general condition of the patient in sanatorium conditions, various forms of therapeutic physical culture are used. (morning exercises, therapeutic gymnastics, health path, sports game, tours, close tourism) according to sparing, sparing training or training mode, assigned patient.

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