Treatment of patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer ONSITE MORSHYN

Treatment of patients with chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in the resort Morshyn is effective. Complex spa treatment of patients with chronic gastritis has a positive effect on the histology of the gastric mucosa, which decreases infiltration. This indicates the attenuation of the inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa.
Based on the study of the ultrastructure of gastric mucosa and ultra cytochemical studies proved, that treatment at the resort Morshyn patients with chronic gastritis has a positive impact on the functioning of the parietal cells.

Course mineral water treatment Morshynska chronic gastritis with secretory deficiency promotes a certain increase in the blood the amount of iron, calcium, zirconium, titanium. Simultaneously, the content of copper, nickel, aluminum, barium and manganese especially, silicon and zinc.
Influenced Morshynska source №1 mineral water come certain amino acid changes in blood spectrum: reduced concentration of aspartic acid, alanine, glycerol and serine; increases the content of glutamine and arginine. Although the amino acid spectrum of blood and normalizes completely, these results provide a basis for concluding that, Morshynska water that are sufficiently pharmacologically active substances.

Experimental research and clinical observations found, that the resort Morshyn can be treated not only patients with chronic gastritis, but ulcer. On the basis of detailed analysis of clinical doctors concluded, that the water source №1 different effects on gastric secretion. Hypertonic solutions of water inhibit gastric secretion and the acidity, and hypotonic, conversely, raise them, strengthen the digestive power of gastric contents, contribute to the reduction of dyspeptic symptoms, etc..

Morshynska №1 mineral water source at a dilution of B-m (3,5 g / l), applied for 1,5 h. before meals, stimulates reduction of secretory, kislotvornoy and excretory function of the stomach more rapidly, than in the breeding of the B-2 (14g / l). Therefore, it is used in the treatment of patients with peptic ulcer, especially in cases, when gastric acidity is not too high or has a propensity to diarrhea.

Introduction of the spa practice hypotonic solutions of mineral water affected the results of treatment:

• Reduce the frequency of exacerbations,
• Increase the number of patients,
• who complete treatment with improvement.

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