Forest therapy in Morshyn. Forest treatment

The Resort Morshyn famous not only for healing waters, but also beautiful nature. There is the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay and treatment, combined with walks in the forested area. The essence of the method is to get rid of stress by walking in the fresh air.. It may seem like pseudoscience, invented by lovers hug trees, but now there is more evidence in favor of, that being in a forest belt does have a tangible effect on the human body, starting with lowering blood pressure and ending with a surge of energy and effective help in the fight against depression.

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Supposed, that walks in the forest help a person get closer to the outside world and “absorb” the energy of plants.

Study, held in 2015 year at Stanford University (USA), shows, that a walk in the park reduces blood flow to the area of ​​the brain, responsible for generating heavy thoughts (scientists claim, that this state of mind is much more common among urban residents).

Similar studies show, that adults, regularly walking among greenery, have a higher level of concentration and are much less susceptible to depression.

The late head of American technology corporation Apple Steve Jobs was known for, that held meetings while walking.

Recently, more and more senior executives from Silicon Valley firms and other large companies have turned to forest baths not only as a way to relieve stress, but also as a tool for doing business.

Trees and other plants exude biologically active aromatic substances, known as volatile, that, strengthen our so-called natural killer cells, necessary for protection against diseases.

Besides, Staying in the forest for longer helps reduce stress hormone levels. – cortisol, while increasing vigor and mental energy of a person.

Korea Forest Service plans to 2021 to equip 34 public healing forests and open two forest therapy centers, and in the forest-rich Scandinavia, the Finnish government sponsors a special working group, the exploratory role of forests in medicine.

Morshyn – little, but a cozy town, hosting hundreds of thousands of guests every year, who seek rest and a way to improve health. There are amazing mountain views., the woods, healing air, pleasant climate, atmosphere of tranquility. Almost the entire city of Morshin is covered with forest, some trees are over a hundred years old.

Learning about the results of research, more and more healthcare providers are recommending outdoor exercise as a means of combating digital addiction and treating depression..

So, National Park Rx project organized in USA, where people can improve their health by reuniting with nature – as part of the project, residents are prescribed recipes for visiting public parks.

Park Rx program consultant Robert Zarr considers parks an underutilized resource, which doctors undeservedly neglected.

As part of the training program for forest therapists, licensed consultants, who now work with the most famous high-tech companies in the USA, including google and facebook.

In the resort Morshin has everything you need for forest therapy. We invite you to relax and get healthy forest in Morshyn!

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