Water delivery – WATER.MORSHYN

Delivery of medical drinking mineral water
throughout Ukraine of the 4th power of the resort Morshyn (Lviv region).

Scan this website on a smartphone or ↑ always you access the link: WWW.VODA.MORSHYN.NET

The water from the 4-th source has healing, health properties cleansing your body.

You can drink the water for treatment and just like drinking water. The residents of g. Morshyn it cook.

Delivery of water is carried out by courier services new Mail, In-Time, Ukrainian Mail. The most profitable Courier In-Time.

Water we ship the same day upon receipt of order, or the next if the order was in the afternoon.

Water type in manually before sending, so that was a fresh "just out of the ground "exclusively in new containers. Before dialing the water required to wash the bottle thoroughly.

The effect on the human body:

  • a normalizing effect on the functional
    kidney condition;
  • alkaluretic,
    salt leaching and discharge of small stones, reduces the risk;
  • stone formation and prevents urine lithogenicity;
  • removes radionuclides;
  • It stimulates for oxidizing;
    processes in liver tissue;
  • a diuretic, antispasmodic,
    analgesic effect;
  • relieves inflammation in the kidneys,
    urinary tract;
  • improves glomerular filtration,
    kanaltsyvuyu secretion and reabsorption in the kidney;
  • in combination with mud rectal
    tampons and ozocerite baths removes venous stasis in the pelvis;
  • It promotes the resorption of inflammation
  • It has a stimulating effect on the
    motor function of the smooth muscles of the urinary system;
  • there is therapeutic
    efficiency mineral water source №4 in urolithiasis,
    chronic pyelonephritis, mochyekislom diatyezye.

medicinal properties

Based on regular crystal structure and features of its chemical composition of microbial physiological action: nizkaya mineralization, weak radioactivity, high organic carbon content, nitrogen, specific microflora, impact on energy metabolism, the distribution of water in the body, exchange of sodium and potassium ions, in the partial processes in the kidneys.

After special studies domestic and foreign scientists have found, that water from this source has the same properties, as well as dedicated to Jordan, therefore - it has a huge healing power.


The most profitable is the order of three to 10
liter bottle = 30 liters (also send and minimal amount of water: 5-five liter, 20-five liter bottles, and can collect in your container)

for 30 liters of water you pay = 250 USD. **
to make new Mail (In your city)

for 30 liters of water you pay – 200 USD. **
to make In-Time (In your city)

**in amounts above includes ↑: 1grn our services.- for 1 liter = 30grn. + 3 Ten liter bottle of 20 UAH. to hush. = 60 UAH. + courier services.

Can be delivered to the door (on house, in
office, on any floor, even in the garage) – is more + 30 UAH. (to 30 kg.)

Delivery terms: (Lions, Kiev and the next
to them the city) – 1 day, other cities 2-3 day.

How to order?

Very simple, call us at wire. 0962824759 or 0505423833 and say how much you need to water, in a locality, name and phone number. recipient, and we already will prompt where it is more convenient to you will pick up (if it is to separate courier), if delivery to door – it is necessary to specify the exact address. When ordering service “delivery to the door” Courier in your city you call yourself the day of delivery, Pricing is convenient for you the delivery time.

Shelf life of water: 3 weeks. water
preferably stored in a cool and dark place.

Delivery is through a department new mail or Intime (Intime cheaper)

wire. Ordering water:

+38 096 282 4759

+38 050 542 3833

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Valentine Hryhoriyivna

We order vodichku of Morshyn first year. Very satisfied with the quality. We Konotop Vodicka come for 2 days !

Where you come in Morshyn?
+38 (066) 521 24 24 (водафон) +38 (093) 558 24 24 (лайфсел) +38 (097) 658 24 24 (киевстар)