Built by architectural fashion peep villas Morshina.MORShIN
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villa Morshyn

villas Morshyn

In two dozen modernistic villas were built during the interwar twenty years in Morshyn for wealthy vacationers. Built with the latest architectural fashion peep – constructionism + blotches German Bauhaus school, data villas were symbols of luxury and comfort for visitors to the resort. However, most of them did not survive the horrors of the Second World.

A photo 1 – villas “Gražina” (bombed in 1944) and “Ostoja” (It became part of one of the buildings sanatorium “Dniester”). 1938.

Morshyn villa

A photo 2 – villas “Gražina”, “Ostoja”, “Patria” other – kept all, but "Grazyna", Two villas in the background ( “Patria” and distant) fully preserved and included in the complex "Dniester". 1938.

A photo 3 – villas “Imperiale” and “Jagiellons” – destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

Morshyn villa 3

A photo 4 – villa unspecified, in the background – possible “Frik” – destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

Morshyn villa 4

A photo 5 – villas “Varshavyanka” and “Hubert”. In the lower left corner of the room a barber shop. Both houses destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

villa Morshinska

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