Built by architectural fashion peep villas Morshina.MORShIN
villa Morshyn

villas Morshyn

In two dozen modernistic villas were built during the interwar twenty years in Morshyn for wealthy vacationers. Built with the latest architectural fashion peep – constructionism + blotches German Bauhaus school, data villas were symbols of luxury and comfort for visitors to the resort. However, most of them did not survive the horrors of the Second World.

A photo 1 – villas “Gražina” (bombed in 1944) and “Ostoja” (It became part of one of the buildings sanatorium “Dniester”). 1938.

Morshyn villa

A photo 2 – villas “Gražina”, “Ostoja”, “Patria” other – kept all, but "Grazyna", Two villas in the background ( “Patria” and distant) fully preserved and included in the complex "Dniester". 1938.

A photo 3 – villas “Imperiale” and “Jagiellons” – destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

Morshyn villa 3

A photo 4 – villa unspecified, in the background – possible “Frik” – destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

Morshyn villa 4

A photo 5 – villas “Varshavyanka” and “Hubert”. In the lower left corner of the room a barber shop. Both houses destroyed during the Second World. 1938.

villa Morshinska

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